Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogspot Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack. ;[

        Blogspot disabled my blog for like half the day cause their automated server thought I was a spammer or something? Idk it was all very confusing but my blog was down for like half the day. Lol I only have 12 posts but this has become my baby. Lool I love my blog & it made me so sad that it was almost taken away. I thought I would never get it back. Ha. I was so glad when it came back ;] Thank Buddha <3 I don't really have much to report today. Me & the bae are watching episodes of WildBoyz lol. Those crazy half naked guys. Hopefully I'll have more stuff to post this week. =] I'm like super careful about what I click on here now lool I don't want to get disabled again. Arrghh lol.

Random pic I took today. lol 
I hate having pic-less posts.

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