Monday, September 9, 2013

ba star ♡ review

 Hey bloggettes! What better way to make a comeback to blogger world than with some good ole fashioned glitter! So I recently came across the brand  ba star.  The brand offers a ton of glitters & shimmery loose shadows that really caught my eye. I received these alone with their own shimmer base, which was really impressing.. cause I have the worst luck with shadow bases. 


 Deep Plum Stardust
"Deep Plum" Stardust : This loose shadow is gorgeous! I totally fell for this one. It's purple with holographic shimmer & goes on absolutely gorgeous with a base. Also, it lasts a whole lot more with it. I've used it with the BA STAR base & also with the Mabelline Color Tattoos. & It looks amazing with both. For an ultra shimmery look, I like to apply it wet. It looks especially beautiful on just the center of the lid.

Holo Silver Glitter
Holo Silver Glitter : This silver body glitter is also very nice. It's pretty much the same as any other glitter. It's a fun way to make your makeup stand out. Even a little glitter is necessary for New Years & Halloween! A little goes a bling way.

I really enjoyed the products, & I was really thrilled that they offered a coupon code. I think it's a good move for a company to do this, &  make their products more well known and more accessible to those of us who want to try them out. It's a really great deal for some really beautiful shimmer shadows. Code is good til SEPT 30th.

I apologize if this post seems a bit awkward lol I'm so not use to blogging anymore. A lot of exciting things are happening in my life, & I hope to get into all that at some point soon, if things work out. I hope to also get back into makeup blogging again. It feels so long since I've been here! I hope everyone's been well <3 I miss so many of you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Instagram Makeup 2 ♥

 Hey ya'll!! I just wanted to post my favorite makeup pictures that I've done on instagram as of late. I wasn't very good at keeping track of what lashes I wore for each look :( so sorry! But I listed the lip colors & the palettes I used for each look! Hope you likey!


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Hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend! xOxO

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

✨ Purple Stars Are Shining ✨

CUICU Symphony Stereo 3-Color Eyeshadow ( Stars are Shining )
Swatches of the trio
I did a really simple purple smokey eye. It's not super dramatic & can be worn for just about anything. The most dramatic thing here is probably the eyeliner lol. The purple in the trio is a bit of the silver side, so to amp up the purple in it, I used the Mabelline Color Tattoo "Painted Purple" as a base all over the lid before I put the shadows on. I used the white shimmer in the inner tear duct & the black to define the outer eye. This trio is from kkcenterhk & can be found here

MAC Narcissus c/s Glass | MAC Seasoned Plum p/lw Lipcreme
[L] Wearing Seasoned Plum Only [R] Wearing Narcissus over Seasoned Plum
I found this awesome duo at a CCO awhile ago & fell inlove with them! The lipcreme is a matte beautiful plum color but it doesn't seem to look complete without gloss. The Narcissus gloss has more of a warmer purple, the lipstick is more muted. 

I can never seem to get my drafts cleared lol I'm such a procrastinator. I'll be purging more old posts tomorrow. I don't know why I feel the need to get all the old stuff out before I post the new stuff lol. I got some haulssss to post >.< Thanks for stopping by!! ♡

Monday, November 12, 2012

✨ All That Glitters.. ✨

Solone Eyeliner - Silver Glitter
I really wanted to do glitter lids like the amazing chrissyp so infamously does! Of course my results aren't as spectacular lol but I really enjoyed the look!  She also has a gorgeous purple look I want to try. But anywhooo! I was able to accomplish this look by using this beautiful glitter liner from kkcenterhk. You can check out the liner here! I also used this liner on Halloween as just a simple line above my usual black liner. I will be posting my super late Halloween look soon also to show you. Anyway though! Here's my attempt at simple glittery lids.

Disco Lids
ICE Cosmetics (no longer available) • Solone Glitter Liner: I used the glitter liner as a base all over the lid & with a flat synthetic brush pat on the loose glitter. I worked one small area at a time & tried not to look up to avoid transference above my natural crease. I still got some rebel specs up there but it was nothing too horrible lol. I went thick on the liner & kept the lashes & the crease color pretty tame. I really liked wearing this out, you only really see the glitter when you blink & it looks awesome!

Bright Coral Lips
MAC Watch Me Simmer: I wore this bright coral-ish orange (it looks brighter in person) lipstick. It's an Amp Creme so it's really moisturizing & creamy. The color itself is super fun & totally out of my usual pink & nude zone.

Kaleidoscope Nude
LA Colors Intimate • WetNWild Fergie Kaleidoscope Eyes: This is one of my favorite manicures everrrr! & It's so incredibly simple but it looks so pretty!! I think stiletto nails give off a kind of elegance. I use this pearl nude color from LA Colors a lot!! I love it & I think the nails would've looked great, just with the nude color. But I don't necessarily like how sheer it is & how you can still see where the fake & real nail meets. So I slapped on this glitter polish. I don't like how it gives off very little glitter, but in this case.. it works for me!

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I hope you have a great week. ;) xOxO

Thursday, November 8, 2012

❅ My MAC Holiday Collection 2012 ❅

Hiyah beauties! Okay so here's a look at some of the stuff I picked up from this year's Holiday sets from MAC. I really really really loved everything they came out with this year. The Glamour Daze collection was ahh-mazing but wasn't able to pick up anything! Luckily the bestie Nessa was sweet enough to pick up Dramatic Encounter for me, which looks like it's going to be F A B ! Anyway, these are the three sets I got. I swatched everything below & I also included some thoughts. I really hope I can pick up the Shy Girl lipstick set also before it disappears. If you're not planning on reading anything else below (lol) please at least read this.. If you haven't picked anything up & are debating picking up something. I highly suggest you skip the eyeshadow kits. Lol they suck. Unless it has certain shadows you think you'll never be able to get & you really really really want. OR unless you just want the kit, cause of the cute packaging. Which is what I did. Cause honestly the shadows aren't anything special. I have better shadows in my cheap 88 palettes. So this is definitely "paying for the brand" at its best/worst.

Guilty Passions: Brilliantly Cool
Brilliantly Cool Crush Pigments: This set is awesome! I already had Moss Garden from the Butterfly Party pigments that came out earlier this year with the Vera Collection which I hauled here. The "I've Got A Crush On You" pigment looks so much like their "Blue Brown" pigment. I swatched & compared them both in the pics below. They are almost exact. I think the new one has more green in it, while Blue Brown is more, well.. blue & isn't as obvous as the Crush one. Overall I really love these metallic pigments. I think they're gorgeous.

Luxorious Pink Lip Set.
MAC "Great Catch" • MAC "Call Me Gorgeous" • MAC "Lickable"
MAC "Lickable" alone [left]  •  MAC "Lickable" +MAC "Call Me Gorgeous" [right]
Primped Out Luxorious Pink Lip Set: I loooove this set! This comes with the leopard print cosmetic bag which is so pretty. The lipstick is described as a blue pink & in pictures, it does look like that. But irl, it looks more like a reddish pink on me. This set is genius because if you wear all three things together, it really does look absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend this set to anyone who loves a pink gorgeous lip. Also, how cute are the bows in this collection? I love it.

Fabulousness: Smokey Eyes
Smoky Eyes Kit: I'll start on a good note. The packaging to these are absolutely adorable. I love the design & the fabric. I love how cute it looks. But I'm telling you now, I won't be using the shadows in this at all. They're not the kind I like. I'm not comfortable using these type of shadows. I don't like the color payoff.. & most importantly I really don't like any of the colors. Spellcaster is not at all like it looks. It looks like a pretty dark purple color but swatched, it looks like a dark gray. Black Slip is prob the only color I'd wear but it's honestly still nothing special. As soon as I swatched this kit, I put it back in its pretty pink box & put it away. I love it for packaging sakes. I think it's gorgeous & I don't regret buying it. But it is pretty useless to me. Haha. These are just MY thoughts though.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the swatches! xx


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