Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day One.

Picture of me & my day so far. ツ

Arrr.. So it's still pretty early in the afternoon but I was anxious to get started right away. ^.^ So far, my day's been pretty typical. I struggled to wake up this morning. Me & my bf stayed up watching the Little Mermaid last night. Why? I don't know.. cause it's amazing. =| Then I ran some quick errands & tried to go back to sleep. I made some hamburgers for me & my brother & chit chatted with my boyfriend. Lool he's wonderful. In a few, I'm going to attempt to make some melt & pour soap icecream cones. I need prayers. This is the third time I try doing this.. the first two times were.. um.. not great. I think I'm getting the hang of it though. I just hope I don't mess this batch up. >.>


Anonymous said...

One of my fav pics of you !!!

Jess126xo said...

One of my fav pics of you !!!


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