Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween. x3

Me as a Roman Goddess - Halloween 2010

     Happy Halloween, bloggers! ツ Be safe & wear bright colors! It's dangerous out there.. :|
Lol jk Have fun. x3 I dressed up as a Roman Goddess -_- just to say I did. lol My highlight of this Halloween has been watching the Ghosthunters Live Show lol. They have a wrestler & an actress on this.. umm dumb. I guess they think it'll boost ratings, I just see it as a distraction from the investigation. Okay bye bye phrands. Remember to vote on Tuesday ya'll! I went Friday for early voting but was kind of bummed they didn't give me a sticker or a pencil or anything. Lol I was expecting a little souvenir. I guess they save those for Tuesday. Arghh.. I could really go for some candy corn right now. :3

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