Sunday, January 23, 2011

Funday Haul!

Sinful Colors in Vacation Time & Purple Diamond+Sinful Colors Nail Art in Simple But Fun.
WnW Color Icon Trio in Sweet As Candy+L.A. Colors Lipgloss in Pink Pearl
WnW Lust & Greed Palettes in the back

Hey y'all! I picked some things up at Walgreens today teehee. I went into CVS first, looking for the WnW Vanity palette but no luck. Their whole makeup stock was pretty much wiped out. They must've had some awesome sale recently :( Anywho, I went to Walgreens hoping I'd find it there but they didn't have it either. All they had left was Lust & Greed. I already have those but since I use them all the time I bought some extras. If I never use them I could always include them in a giveaway, right? Speaking of which, [let's derail for a minute lol] I'm not sure when I should have my first giveaway. I've seen most girls have theirs at 100 followers but since I want my first giveaway to be pretty big & well worth it, I'm thinking maybe I should wait 'til 200 followers. So I can save $$ and have time to get some neat treats. Idk, I'm just thinking "outloud". Lol I've also been taking mental notes of the girls I follow & the beauty products they post. I want to get things that will be appreciated & that girls will actually enjoy. Lol But we'll see. Moving along though, I wanted like a topey brown nail polish & picked Vacation Time up cause it looked topey in the bin but once I picked it up, I saw it better but still love it. It's like a muted coral pinkish color. It's really beautiful. The Purple Diamond polish is a very light Violet color with an iridescent-ish shimmer. They're gorgeous. The eyeshadow trio comes with a cream color as the brow bone, a milk chocolate brown as the crease, & a soft pink as the eyelid color. All three colors are shimmery, velvety & very pigmented. I love that WnW has such great quality eyeshadows for such an awesome price. All this I got for around $20.

L.A. Colors Moisturizing Lipgloss in Pink Pearl

Picked this baby up for get this.. $1. Lol I've never tried their lip glosses & for a dollar, I expected sticky or very watered down gloss. But by the same token, at a dollar, I wouldn't lose much to find out just what the gloss was like. It's a shimmery baby pink & the formula is very moisturizing without being sticky. So I'm definitely sold. Another great product at a very good price. <3


Anonymous said...

Your lips are perfect girl !!!!

These hauls are bad for my wallet ! Hehe

Xo Jess

Toni Tralala said...

I love coral shades and they look great on you! :)

I've been wanting to save money too and we've got our expenses down in half so that's great!

Hey, I'm currently hosting an international Apothica giveaway. Come and join! :)

Miss Tapia said...

I love sinful Colors nail polish!

Nikkeya Murguia said...

hmmmmm note to self check out walgreens when i have money!

Cher said...

The Sinful Colors nail polish you got are perfect for spring.

I hate that Walgreens is so far from my place, I've been meaning to check out the WnW eye palettes.

Lisa said...

love you blog! you're gorgeous.

new follower here. please come visit and follow me!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Jes, you're sooo sweet!! (:

Toni, thank you chica! That's great. Saving money is pretty hard. Kudos to you, girl!

Yess, they're awesome quality for what they cost, Jenny!

Cabrona, you should. I hate that my eyes are bigger than my wallet though. :( haa

Thank you Che <3 They're really good quality. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. (: Suckss, Walgreens should be on every other corner. Haa

Lisa, thank you! I followed you back, girl.

Unknown said...

Hope you can make a review regarding wet n wild's trio palette. I'm planning to buy those. :D

Stay sweet :D

che said...

The Sinful Colors nail polish you got are perfect for spring.

I hate that Walgreens is so far from my place, I've been meaning to check out the WnW eye palettes.


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