Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!! +FOTD

Heyy girls! Hope y'all had a great day with your special someone! From what I've noticed, a lot of couples took it easy this year & kicked back at home or went out for a little dinner & chilled at home, which is perfect, in my opinion. My man pretty much watched Sparticus all day lol & I watched the last two episodes of Friday Night Lights online. Wahhh! :( I'm so sad it ended. I couldn't stop crying on the last episode. Texas Forever!! Lol I love Riggins. But anyway! My baby got me a dozen roses & a big ol teddy bear lol he might not look it, in the pic.. but trust, that thing is huge. Lol. I hope ya'll had an awesome day & if you didn't have a Valentine this year, es cool.. I'll be your Valentine ♥ lol.

My Vday bear. I named him Tequan after Drew from Everybody Hates Chris. Lol.

Cookies my mom brought me. c:

FOTD: Pretty in Pink.
L.A. Colors Wildflowers Palette • WnW Greed Palette • Show Colors Blush
(Look Ma, no circle lenses!) I used the pink blush as a lid color lol & the pink in the LA palette as the crease color & blended it up. I used the WnW color as my highlight. Then took both pink colors with an angled brush & placed them on my lower lash line.

Show Colors Cupcake Lip Color • L.A. Colors Lipgloss in Pink Pearl.


Unknown said...

That's one big bear! Your FOTD is really pretty. Love the pink.

Leslie said...

aww those roses look gorgeous! and that bear :D *jealous* i had one about a year ago an my doggie bit it up bad! i cried no joke! an i LOVE LOVE your makeup what the LA color palette called?

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you so much, ladies <3

@ Leslie; it's called "Wildflowers" the only color I'm really a fan of in the palette is the pink.. it's almost like a neon pink, it's so pretty. Awww lol I'm sorry to hear about your teddy bear. RIP :3

Anahita said...

OMG this look is so pretty!!! That bouquet and bear is very cute :)

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Gorgeous look.. Love your ideas by combining those two pink color into one look.. I never use pink blusher as eyeshadow before..Yay!!..Thanks for the tips..=P..

Happy Valentine's Day to you..^_^..

rakhshanda said...

Woww love your FOTD!!! Such a gorgeous shade you've used on your lips <3
Lovely blog honey...try checking out mine:)
Hope you like it & follow.

JOCEE411 said...

soo cuute!!!! ur makeup is so pretty!! happy belated vday!!! xoxo

Wink! Reviews said...

I am loving the eyeshadow! I really love this pink!

jezmacmania said...

those flowers are gorgeous!
and your eye makeup is so pretty as well!

L.Hernandez said...

Ahh the roses look soo lushes! and pretty in pink indeed missy =)

LyssaaaBoo said...

Ahh the roses look soo lushes! and pretty in pink indeed missy =)


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