Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small Dots Haul+Ramblings

Hey guys! So I picked up some accessories at Dots (the store). I use to work there maybe three years ago & I know they're mostly located in the south & on the east coast here in the states, so if you have one nearby & have never been there, GO. You'll love it. I promise. They have all the latest styles in clothes & accessories without the crazy prices. Although, I'll admit the prices have gone up a bit recently. =/ Alsooo, if you sign your email up with them, they send you coupons that really come in handy if you shop there a lot. There's really only a handful of clothing stores I lovee & that store has always been at the top of my list. Although.. I hated working there lol I sure as hell still love shopping there. Retail was never really my thing though. I was great with customers & got along with pretty much everyone, even the bitchiest girls lol But I hatedddd that management wanted us to force items on customers. My District Manager at Dots, I swear, hated me. lol She'd cop an attitude with me & would complain to my Managers about me. She wanted us to practically harrass the customers & follow them around like puppies, suggesting every accessory/shoe/pant under the sun. All the while, keeping track of the rest of the 20+ customers in the store & watching our designated zone for shoplifters AND doing go-backs from the dressing rooms while understaffed! That broad was crazy lol I did not get paid enough to bend over backwards for that woman & do double the work just because she didn't want to pay for a full staff. Ohh & she was so bitter. After 2 years of hell with her, I got another job at bebe & when I gave my two weeks notice & she found out I was leaving.. She had my Manager tell me to clean the toilets. Arrrgghhh! lol Cleaning the bathrooms was never our job but she couldn't have me leave without taking one last jab. Lol She was a piece of work. bebe was fun though.. I loved going to work there everyday. It was kind of like high school though lol a lot of drama with our staff. Retail pretty much sucks, end of story. Haha But anyway, here's a closer look at the accessories I picked up+ a new nail polish from Walgreens. [Click pictures to enlarge]

Gold & Peach Earrings ($7) + Stretchy Flower Ring w.Crystals ($7)

Long Crystall Studded Ball Necklace ($9) + Pink Feather Earrings w.Rhinestones ($8) + Charm Pendant Necklace ($8)
Sinful Colors in Glass Pink ($1.99) + My Love University eau de parfum by Dots ($6.50)

I thought the packaging of the perfume was so cute! The description: [Light creamy blends of rose petals, sugared berry blossoms & French Vanilla.] & You can totally smell it. Very vanilla-y & fresh scent.


jezmacmania said...

ah these accessories are so pretttty!! =D

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you, girl!

Unknown said...

My sister has worked at Dots for years..they have angel jeans which are still my favorite after all these years

Anyway I am your newest follower stopping by from:


Kenzie said...

Great haul! Everything is so cute

Christine said...

Everything is so cute, great haul :)

Love Christine ♥

jezmacmania said...

ah these accessories are so pretttty!! =D


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