Thursday, May 19, 2011

ES Faux Lashes!

Ahhhh Eyelashes! I was never really into false lashes 'til I bought some on ebay once & now I can't go a day without wearing them! Lol It's a great way to enhance the eyes. Recently,  KK Center HK  was kind enough to send me their  ES A500  pack of eyelashes. I got them yesterday & I'm so impressed with the quality & just the sheer awesomeness. I wanted to show ya'll really quickly what they look like.

[ES A500] • ES Brand Ten Pairs Of Different Styles
This pack is pretty cool because it has different styles. I'm a big fan of using short criss cross lashes for a more subtle & natural look. The thicker lashes (1st ones) & the spiky lashes (3rd ones down) are more dramatic & for bolder looks. Which is what Momma likes. c: I used the very first ones at the top & wore them like this. Compared to the lashes I've been using, the ES lashes are incredibly soft. The strip is flexible & really easy to place & adjust & I loveddd the packaging. They were in perfect condition & secure when I got them. & That's super important to me because when I've ordered lashes from other places, more often than not they don't come adhered  to plastic like these. & When they're not secure, they tend to fall during shipping or get bent the wrong way like this...

Unforgivable! lol

• • •

[ES A500] • ES Brand: Different Styles
Here are some before & after pictures from different angles. Fun Fact; I was holding an envelope to my face in the last pics so ya'll could see the length better. Lol How sad.. my natural lashes are so short. :c

"[She was] dressed in a peignoir of beige lace with a blonde wig above false eyelashes-a kind of Mt Rushmore of the cosmetician's art."
- Dwight Whitney


Unknown said...

nice review doll! :D Can't wait for my es lashes too! waaa xD

Annie♔Lovely said...

:0 <3
Love Falsies;
Thinking Of Getting Them<3

But Mine Always Seem To Fall
From One Side;s Maybe Its The Glue
Or Because Of My Damn Allergies :s

What Type Of Glue Do You Use?

Anonymous said...

Major difference!
Great review!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Ahhhh I hope you love them girl >.< Which did you pick @MissKatv?

@BeautyMonster Omg. I had the same problem >.< I was using bootsy glue at first though. I use DUO lash glue the one that dries "dark". It's the best, girl!

@Yuri thank you, lady! :3

Annie♔Lovely said...

Really Thanx;
Im Gon' Have To Try It Out.

Hopefully They Will Stay In Place
Because Half Glued Lashes
Are NOT Cute! lol

Christine said...

These look really beautiful <3

Are the bands hard or are they soft and have a natural feel to them? I dont like the thick bands on lashes because i think they are more difficult to apply :)

Love Christine ♥

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Woww they suit your eyes well!!

Unknown said...

Nice review! i love false lashes x

Mie said...

Love that website they have an awesome collection of eyelashes!! A bit pricer than ebay but the quality and style is worth it.

Shayla said...

love em!!! I've gotten some sent to me from them too and I love how they package them! Oh and i'm doing a giveaway soon on ES lashes too!


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