Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunburned with Germain!

 WnW I'm Getting Sunburned Shadow Trio
I love this trio! It's freakin perfect. You can create so many different looks with it. I've been finding myself reach for it on an almost daily basis. Okay so I used the pink on the inner crease, inner eye & along the first half of the lashline. I used the chocolate color on the outer corner & blended it with the pink. Then took the chocolate again along the lower lash line. The eyelid color I kept.. on the eyelid. ^.^

  MAC's Saint Germain
Gorgeous color! Even my mother likes it lol & she's not much of a fan of bright lipsticks. Anyway though, this is an amplified creme so the formula is super creamy & glides on lovely.

MAC's Saint Germain+NYX Pinky Natural Gloss (Thanks Tiffany♥)
Even though I love me a matte lip, I wanted to use gloss today!

NOTD: Dream Bright!
Sinful Colors in Dream On
I love this polish! It's a matte neon fuchsia.


Erika said...

Its funny cause thats exactly how i used the colors of the trio on my eyes the first time i tried it. The colors look great on you and they especially go great with the lipstick. It's a nice combo

Anonymous said...

Soo pretty I love the lips.. Now I MUST have that lipstick!!...

I recently found your blog.. and OMG.. tell me why your soo pretty!!! lol

Miss Melissa said...

i love pink lipstick!


- Melissa

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Your eyes look gorgeous! :) Love that polish!!! XX

Makeup and Mutts said...

SO pretty! Love it with the gloss on top, great combo

Anonymous said...

Love the lipstick and the polish is amazing!

Jlo said...

Love how you blend those colours according to your own preference! Those Neon nail polish now is a MUST! So gorgeous! <3


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

how was I not following your blog its awesome your make up looks are amazing !!! I'm following you now and a super fan =) thanks for your awesome comments all the way threw my projects your awesome

Chanbodia said...

I love this look! You are so pretty. Loveee Saint Germain, its one of my favorites!

Dinorah ♥ said...

@Erika- hahaha, girl great minds think alike!! Wooo! Thanks so much! & thanks for recommending the trio, I freakin love it.

@Yuri- Thank you so muchh!! You're very sweet. Your blog is adorable!! I followed you back & your second one too. You are soooo creative & make the cutest cake toppers I've ever seen! <3 haha You're super pretty too! Thank you!

@Missa- It's the best, right?! I swear I'm obsessed right now.

@Jacenda- So glad you liked it!! & thank you so much, girl. <3

@VintageMakeup - Thank you!! I liked it alot better with the gloss too! It totally takes it up a notch.

@Lindsie- Thanks girl! I love how bright it is!

@JLo- Aww thank you!! Girl, it really is! & the fact that it's matte makes me like it more now. It's so different. haha. At first it took some getting use to but now I lovee it. Thanks for reading <33

@Candy- Omgg the queen is here! Thankss for following me & I'm so happy you like it! & of course, girl. Your projects are so much fun to keep up with & the things you come up with are amazing. <3

@Chanbodia- Thank you!! Ikr! it has already become one of my favorites too! I honestly thought it was going to be too light for me & would look weird on me but it really is a gorgeous color. Thanks for reading, pretty lady <3

Chanbodia said...

I love this look! You are so pretty. Loveee Saint Germain, its one of my favorites!


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