Monday, July 25, 2011

Beauty Angel: Gold Book+Swatches

First Row: No Flash / With Flash
Second Row: No Flash / With Flash
Third Row: No Flash / With Flash
Last Bottom Two: No Flash / With Flash

Meet the Beauty Angel beauty book in Gold. ♥ I think there's like 3 other books like this from Beauty Angel Cosmetics. So anywho! This was sent from KKCenterHK. You can find it [here]. Eeek! I've been trying to make this post but for some reason their website wasn't working. It's up now though so, moving on.. Immediately after I got this, I compared it to the ELF Beauty Book & was disappointed that the Beauty Angel book was alot smaller than the ELF one. But then I checked how much product it actually had (which is what I should've looked at first lol) Beauty Angel has 24.4g in eyeshadow & blush. ELF has 24g. So they're pretty equal in product. The actual quality of the shadows is really nice too. Really soft, pigmented, & really easy to work with. The only thing I personally wasn't too thrilled about what the pricetag. I'm an incredibly cheap person though lol my boyfriend makes fun of me because I can't just buy something. I have to shop around first & get it discounted or get something similar but cheaper. >.< Anyway! I'm really happy with the quality & the color payoff of these shadows & blush. My favorite has got to be the really pale pink blush. My favorite shadow is the darker purple on the right side. Lovely. :3


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

what a cute book !!! I'm going to have to try it !!!

Mie said...

Haha funny I got the same book and I didn't really like it. xDD I especially did not like the blushes.

Im glad your enjoying it though!

Annie♔Lovely said...

cutee :) I like the blushh por k es pinkk ! lol you should jst shop at wallyworld y diles umm I saw this lipstick at target for 20 cent cheaper! & thell scream IGUALALO! lol save a lot of moneyy :)

Melyssa said...

Hey :)
Thanks for your reply/comment. I'm using a Panasonic Lumix G1 and do love it but I'm getting a Nikon D5100 soon (I think). Wanted the Canon 600D at first but we'll see :)

style me pretty said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "green tea" nails! super creative and cute.
I'm crazy in love w/nails too...but still slowy learning with the design :D


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