Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week in Pictures ♥

My random pictures ♥
My wonderful boyfriend got me flowers, a teddy bear & a balloon. :3 Awww! He's so thoughtful!
So beautiful! The flowers are so perfect. I really love the carnations & the roses. I don't think I've ever seen roses in this color, they're like a coraly-pink. Absolutely gorgeous!
My little bear with my [Get Better] note. :3 I laf him! I'm going to name him Smores ♥ Get Better note? For what, Dinorah? Oh we'll get to that later in the pictures. :C
Went a little lighter using Revlon Colorsilk in 04 Ultra Light Natural Blonde.
Hateee how this part looks.
My little cousin ShMelly wrote this for me out of nowhere. Adorable!
:( I sprained my ankle stepping into a hole when I was picking up my dog's poo. It hurt so bad, I thought I was gonna die lool I wanted to cry but didn't because I thought someone could be watching me.
Cut my bangsss again! They kind of look like a bowl haircut to me? But it's alright. I've always liked Keri Hilson's old bowl cut.  lol
LOL! My puppy yawning while taking her a bath. She reallyyyy hates baths. She'll be really still & just take it when I'm bathing her but once I get her out & start drying her off, she goes nuts. I swear she hates me lol She looks so funny.
She puts up such a big fight when I'm blow drying her hair. Today she jumped off the little table & clawed me in the lip. -___- lol But look how pretty she looks when we're all done!
Chalupaaa! I know it's called "Loteria" but my family's always called it Chalupa. My aunts & cousins loooove it. Everytime we get together, they always play a couple rounds.


Leslie said...

aww :( girl i hope you feel better soon i know how that feels when you sprain your ankle! ouch!!! an so sweet they brought you flowers an a bear!! i love those roses i have my own! theyre my favorite out of my garden!! your hair looks gorgeous it takes such a long process girl!! to get it the way you want it!! your puppy is adorable! mine is HUGE! lol i took him for a walk today an he got so tired i didnt get to do the 2miles the length of the park!!! ugh has it been all crazy weather in the part of texas ur from? its been disgusting here! it rains it thunders then its hot as heck!!! then its sunny n ay no thats texas weather for you! sheesh!! xoxo

Melyssa said...

Aaaw such beautiful flowers. Get well soon!! :) Your dog is well cute.

You take great pictures and I was wondering what camera you use?

FOREVER '92 said...

Awww get well soon girl! ):
--Your doggie is such a cuties, lol my family loves playing Loteria too

Oooo girl your bangs are so cute!

A & C said...

aww, your puppy is so cute!!


Msz Jelenaaa said...

Aww your boyfriend is so sweet :) thats such a cute present! and i hope your foot gets better, thats not good :( xxx

Christine said...

Awwww I hope you get better soon, try and get some rest hunny :)
Aww your boyfriend is so sweet, those flowers are gorgeous :)

Love Christine ♥

Nikkay said...

aww i love flowers and those are so lovely and the balloon has your name on thats soo cute! x

Unknown said...

i LOVE your bangs, now i want to cut mine again!

Miss Tapia said...

Hope you heal fast =) Love the flowers and your puppy is adorable!

tiffyama said...

Aw, the flowers are lovely. ^^ And so is your hair!! Super cute with the bangs. :D

AHH YOUR PUPPY IS ADORABLE! I'm sure she'll get used to getting blow dried more often. She looks so nice and clean and fluffy now. hehe.

LOTERIA! How fun. XD

Makeup and Mutts said...

Love your hair! :) Get well soon, pretty flowers!!!!

Pink Glam said...

feel better :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

Aww feel have the cutest pup! I linked your blog to mine with an award...check it out if you would like :)

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

minnja said...


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Wanna follow each other???


Annie♔Lovely said...

aweee q lindoo tu noveeo ; butt ohnooo yourr foot [ sana sana colita d rana] :s lol you prolly jst acted like nothing happened until you where inside :) lol ay muñekaa! but she's too cute! my puppy does thatt <3 but he HATES bathss! :) <3 hopee you get better thoo! ;

Unknown said...

Aww get better soon love!!! You're bf is such a sweetheart, I love the coral roses. You look so pretty like always and what a sweet note from your little cousin. Your perrita is so pwetty and ooh loteria, we play it all the time. Typical mexicans over here lol. Take care. :)

Mie said...

Aww I use to play that game in spanish class! Haha

Your way to gorgeous girl! And your puppy is too cute as well.

Unknown said...

ohh no mommas! I hope your ankle gets better asap!!! Your boyfriend is a keeper. How thoughtful of him of sending your those pretty flowers. My man only sends me flowers if hes in the dog house. i love your doggie!!! I wish I was back in TX and we could have a doggy play date lol get better mommas

Jo Woods said...

Hope you feel better soon. The flowers are gorgeous.

I love the pic of your dog wet, he looks so funny, lol, bless :)


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

AWWWE OUCH! :( Feel better! I hate to cry when people are watching too LOL. Your puppy is too cuuute!! :) Your hair looks freakin gorgeous! XX

ohyouprettythings said...

You are so pretty!!! And your makeup is gorgeous! So sorry about your ankle!! Get better soon! :]

lisadrivesavan said...

omg i adore your hair colour. did you bleach is before to get it a lighter shade. ive been trying for years but it never seems to work so ive just settled for dark brown hair :( x


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