Friday, August 19, 2011

My 1st NYX Purchase+Swatches

Hey you's guys. So I recently purchased Nyx stuff for the very first time. *tear* The Ulta down here is kind of far from me & I've never even been there. I've been wanting to order online from the NYX site since Tiffany sent me the Pinky Natural lipgloss that I totally fell in love with. (Still my favorite lip gloss ever btw) but I honestly just wasn't too motivated to buy $4 lipsticks plus shipping for something I had never tried or seen IRL. What a cheapskate!! Yes.. Yes, I am. Haa. Well anywayy! I stumbled across the site & saw that they had the round lipsticks for $1.99 & S&H was $2 something. I now know what it feels like to strike gold. Lol Super exciting. I was really pleased with the shipping & the easy checkout & of course the great prices. I'll definitely be going back to get some Jumbo Pencils & some lip glosses yay!

[click images to enlarge]
So here are the ones I picked.. in all their fabulous glory. Haa. I literally spent like two hours trying to decide which to get. I was googling swatches like crazy. Thank God for blogger & all of you ladies who have swatches posted. Haha. You helped me A LOT! Narcissus, Strawberry Pink, & Circe really caught me off guard. I thought they were going to be my favorite & I was going to love the for evarzz. But meh.. Circe doesn't really flatter me, at all. I'm not sure what it is, It looks really nice in the tube & swatched, but on my lips it's not so impressive. It looks kind of dark & makes my whole face look weird to me. I'll try to do a look with it, anyway. The light pinks weren't too flattering on me either lol but I still like them just because they're pink. I had the lowest expectations for Tea Rose & Fig. They're pretty similar to each other, except Tea Rose is a tad bit more neutral while Fig is a bit more Pinkish, but just a little bit. I ended up loving these the most from the rest of the round lipsticks. They're super flattering & give the lips such a pretty color. They're really close to my lipcolor & I find they look good with almost any eye look. Spellbound looks red on me & I thought it would be more Pink. It's the only one I really regret getting. It's a gorgeous color, just not on me lol. I expected to love Hot Pink & Shocking Pink & I really do! Especially Shocking Pink. It's freakin lovely. Fuschia & Matte? Omm.. yes please!

Flash ^
No Flash ^
 Flash ^
No Flash ^
I think the only bone I have to pick with the lipsticks is that the round ones I feel like I have to be careful with them. I'm pretty tosca with my stuff so it needs to be built tough like Ford. & The round lipsticks, I always feel like I'm going to break them. The matte one [Shocking Pink] which cost a little more, is perfect though. It feels like most of my other lipsticks. Sturdy-ish? lol I should report that I've already broken Spellbound v.v It's the one I liked the least & the one I would've picked to take the plunge before the rest but I still got sad. Don't get me wrong though, they're not completely flimsy like the $1 Elf lipsticks. Haa. Oh yeah, & some of them taste like dish-washing soap to me. Like Tea Rose & one of the light Pink ones, I forgot which. Don't ask me how I know what dish-washing soap tastes like -___- lol but I got the slight hint of it in some of them. Other than that, I really love them & am super happy I finally got them!  Btw Check out Mie's blog No Beauty Limits! She was sweet enough to feature me & two other ladies in her Spotlight. She's a lovely girl with a fab sense of style. Thnx a bunch again, beautiful. <3  

Thanks so much for reading


Annie♔Lovely said...

Dinora Vete A Dormir! loljk
Ah Ive been waiting for this post <3 cuteee; si se miran super pretty; yo tengo strawberry milk and they make my lips diaspear; parece que estoy malita >.< i liked the last 3 ones <3 gracias por los swatches; now i really want them <3

DoodleDollyx said...

Wow alot of lippies. I own Circe and that is such a perfect nude colour. :)

Christine said...

Wow, these look gorgeous :) I own a few off these and I love them so much. Great quality lippies :)

Love Christine ♥

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors ♥

SAHAR said...

lovely lippie colors....thanx for grt swatches

Unknown said...

great color choices!

Makeup and Mutts said...

Strawberry milk looks gorgeous!

OMG you're a dish washing liquid eater!! lol :)

Steph said...

thanks for this! you cant get these in the UK so I wana purchase some myself to try what the rave is about!! xxx

MsRinz said...

Pretty swatches!!! I'm thinking of getting one of those tonight :)))

Eden-Avalon said...

WOW Circe and Spellbound look completely different on you than they do on me! Funny world huh?

I regret not having purchased Tea Rose yet - it looks very beautiful.

Great choices and welcome to the world of addicted to nyx products so you buy a bunch of them on sites like Beauty-Joint and Cherry Culture!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

you got some great lippes !!! there all going to look so great on you !!

jyz said...

Oh wow. Love that shocking pink! Awesome :)

Mie said...

Wow you sure did buy a lot of lipstick!
Of course i'm loving all the brighter colors 8D

A gal can never have too many shades of hot pink

BeautyBehaved said...

you do beautiful swatches!!

<3 BB


Tea Rose, Fig, and Spellbound are my faves ;] but can't go wrong with $2 lippies.

Viralitis said...

Great blog! Yes I love NYX lipsticks. They glide on so smoothly. The matte colors are my fave!

Sandra said...

These all look really gorgeous!

Unknown said...

they all looks really pretty. Circe only looks good on me with a lip gloss. I think my favorite NYX lipstick is Thalia. It's such a pretty color

Anonymous said...

All of these shades are so pretty~ Especially Strawberry Milk!!

Anonymous said...

OMG i love all your shots, your blog lay out and all!
you did the bests swatches! great picks too, i have some of them and i'm loving 'em all!

love all your posts..
glad i came across your blog!
you are so pretty, and i find your blog really interesting to read.. so, i followed you!

i would love and appreciate it so much,
if you can find my blog interesting as well..
i also have an ongoing giveaway that you might like to join! here's the link, just in case:
thank you very much in advance!
i surely get in touch and visit your blog often!

love, diane

Mint said...

I really wanted to like Strawberry Milk but it was too creamy to the point where it wouldn't stay put. Wish it was more matte >: b/c I love the color


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