Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I Loved This August ☼

What I used: Fringe Belt • Nail Glue • Scissors
Eeek! I've been meaning to post about my handy dandy headband. I wanted a braid headband but I knew I'd never go out & get one 'cause well, honestly I get easily bored with hair accessories. So instead, I made one out of an old belt I haven't worn since highschool.  My boho-chic piece has evolved ♥ Haa. You can pretty much tell from the picture how I made it. I just braided three strings & glued the ends together. Then measured around my head & cut a separate string as the "back" part & glued it to the braid. To "secure" it a little better, I glued another piece of string all around where they braid & the back parts meet. Lol it's painfully easy. I feel dumb explaining it 'cause I feel like I'm getting a sea of  "Duh!"s. But whatevzz! Lol.


zebra duck.

 How cool is this duct tape? I found this tape at my Dollar General for $3.50 & thought it was the cutest idea ever. Lol. I was looking for little bins or something to temporarily store my lipsticks. I keep my lipsticks on my dresser & I always find a way to knock them all down. It seriously never fails. I really want acrylic drawers though so whilst I wait I decided to settle on these cute pink bin things. They were like a dollar! (:



Picture Frame $4.99 • Black Woven Wicker Hamper $13.99
I recently rediscovered Ross. I hadn't gone to that store in like ages. When I think of Ross, I think: Overcrowded, Messy, Rude People. Lol. It's true for the Ross in my area, anyway. But recently I went by & saw so many awesome things. I'm redecorating my bedroom soon & I've already seen some really neat things.. like a turquoise bird cage! Wth do you need a turquoise bird cage in your room for, Dinorah? Pfftt Idk! But it looked super cool. I told my boyfriend, "If it's here next time I come, it's a sign. It belongs in my life." 

Turquoise Woven Wicker Storage Unit $5-6
They have a lot of wicker stuff. I'm such a sucker for that. I got this turquoise baby, to some of Muneka's things.

 Jewelry Holder Mannequin $5.99 • TriColored Feather Earrings $7-8
I love this mannequin jewelry stand! It's super cute. The earrings are from JC Penny. Aren't they adorable??? I know feather earrings are all over the place this year. I wanted really bright ones & I'm eying some like these. The pattern, the length.. I'm all over that! I love them.


my chinadawl.

Now that Muneka's a little older, I take her with me a lot more often. Mostly when it's later in the day. Because even though, the AC is full blast.. the sun still beams pretty hard & this Texas heat is no joke. I read that Shih Tzu's can get heatstroke easily +She's got all that hair on her. But on quick runs to BK or to run quick errands, she's always with me. x3 This day, we had gone out for Raspas. The one on the left is Leche+Vanilla flavored. The one on the right is a Piccadilly. It's cherry flavored with chunks of dill pickle, koolaid powder, Lucas, & if you want to be awesome add Gummy bears. Haaa sounds disgusting, but it's sooo good. These babies are one of the few perks of being from South Texas.
This month was also the last Vet visit, Muneka had pending for the rest of this year. My little baby's done with all her vaccinations & thankfully so. The first time we took her to the Vet, we learned she had an allergic reaction to either her Parvo or Rabies vaccine. Her eye swelled & lips swelled up & were super pink. :( That was one of the worst feelings ever. I didn't know what was going on with her & I was so scared. We had rushed her back to the vet & he gave us some antihistamines. That man was such an angel. He took us in, even though the clinic had already closed & he took a look at Muneka & gave her medicine & a shot for the reaction.. free of charge. I figured it was because the front desk people that charge you for the consult had already gone home. But either way! It was very nice of him 'cause after all, he didn't have to even answer my phone call or have us come in after they were closed! But anyway! I was so glad after that, & two hours later her swelling came down a lot, just like Mr. Angel Vet had told us. (: I love her! & I love having her around me 24/8. She's stubborn & sassy but she's perfect. x3



Portraits!! Pictured above are my cousins Leila & Gaby. Their moms asked me to take pictures of them. Aren't they beautiful? A lot of them came out super awesome & we all had a lot of fun doing it. Even though it was hot as hell outside, lol we agreed to do it again on a cooler day.


BeautyBehaved said...

lovinn your creationss!
great ross purchases & your doggy is freakin such a cutie!(;

<3 BB

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

wow, girl! You're so creative. I especially love the pink and zebra print basket. i would never have thought of that.


Perfect look for the leo month August!
I also like headbands but for me they are slowly getting uncomfortable when wearing them a whole day.
Aaah, so cute portraits,...and Texas (at least your place) seems to have a beautiful landscape <3

♪ Vernissage and Cream

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

ahhhh suxs your baby was sick !!! glad she's doing better !!you got some great things at ross I love there house things . And your pictures of your cousins are so cute you have some talent girlie !!!

Nicole Marie said...

I love the headband! I may have to be adventurous and try it out too. I used to work at Ross like 5 years ago. They took ALL of my pay check! They have the best frames.

Karen M said...

where in tx are u from? omg those raspados look bomb!!! lol

Leslie said...

your headband looks soo cool girlie!! i love it! n i know what you mean i dont like to leave my boy outside cus he gets soo hot an exshuasted! LOL i recently rediscovered ross too! LOL i like checking for home goods! thats what im a sucker for! or sometimes they have cool polishes!

Makeup and Mutts said...

That headband is SO cute! Love the pink picture frame. :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

So cute! Love this post! Gotta show some room photos when your done decorating...looks like its going to be cute!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Terri said...

Creative with the zebra tape, love it! :)
XOXO Terri

Punky Bunny Blog said...

wow i love the idea for the plastic box's?..=P
everything is lovely :D

tiffyama said...

You look lovely, Dinorah! <3 And your DIY zebra tape container is too cute!! Never knew they had such a think as zebra duct tape. haha.

Muneka is sooo cuute <3

Sydney Hoffman said...

Just started following your blog and love it!!

-Sydney xo

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Love your headband and your doggy!! :o)

Bárbara said...

Gowd you are so pretty!



PS: loved the zebra tape :D

Anonymous said...

hi dear
im from Turkey, i want to learn you, your eyeshadow (purple one)ib this link ? (brand and color name )
many many thanks
best wishes from Turkey

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hello friend from Turkey <3 !
The eyshadow is a pigment called Cornflower by MAC. It's a duochrome, I believe.. So it looks purpleish-blue! It's gorgeous. I hope this helped (:


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