Friday, September 30, 2011

Tequila ☼ Sunrise +Sweetest Phrand.

 Day One: Tequila Sunrise
This look is from Nymphette's September Makeup Challenge. I know a lot of girls have been doing looks from her Makeup Calendar & I've been really loving her themes. It's such a fun way to interract with other girls & see different makeup looks based on the same themes. You get to see one's individual creativity. No one's take on a theme is ever exactly the same. It's really cool! I started off this month, really wanting to do a lot of the ones she came up with, but life kind of got in the way & I only managed to do the first day lol. I've had this in my [drafts] for weeks lol I wasn't going to post it since it's been like a month but I figured mmehh.. what the hey.

ICE Cosmetics: Yellow Brick Road & HD Orange • Sedona Lace 88 Eyeshadows [Matte Palette]
I didn't do anything particularly out of the box but I still really liked this. It's a great excuse to play with bright colors! I used the matte pigments from ICE Cosmetics & used a Pink & an Orange color from the Sedona Lace palette in the crease.

 NYX Spellbound
I used this reddish-orangy-pinkish lipstick. I've seen this on other girls & it looks nothing like mine lol. I seriously think they changed up the formula for this lipstick on us. I'm kidding, but seriously google swatches on this one & you'll see it looks super pink in some. Sooo not the case for me.


Gift from the Lovely Annie

My girl Annie from BeautyyMonsterr [who is incredibly lovley] sent me some surprises this week! & Golly, are they wonderful! Lol I turn into such a square when I'm excited. "Golly Jee Wickers!" Lol moving along, isn't the note adorable?!! It has a little bow at the top & HK at the bottom awww! She sent along not one but 4 Orly nail polishes! Eeep. The only Orly np I had was Oh Cabana Boy & I love it! It's my favorite bright pink nail polish next to 24/7 & Fusion Neon. Which are exactly the same, btw. But on to the pictures to these babies!

How beautiful are these colors??!! & The little specs/nail art stuff pictured above are from a Nail Art kit she sent. It came with nail glue, a nail art pick, & the little tubes of glittery goodness you see. They are so pretty & I can't wait to use them. I like to wear all kinds of colors on my nails, regardless of what season it is. But I think Charged Up & Terracotta are going to be particularly trendy to sport this season! Eeep lol I can't wait. Thanks again to my Annie!

& Thank you guys for stopping by!


Miss Tapia said...

Pretty lip color! I noticed sometimes the colors look different on my lips compared to the ones on
I love the colors you got! The pink one is so pretty!

Annie♔Lovely said...

- aweee i been meaning to do these;p they look so fun! <3 boohoo :( maybe nextt timee; but i love thisss super cutee como siempreee; deverias tener un youtube channel <3

&& welcummm :) que bueno q t gustaronnn mi favee fue terracotta <3 freeken lovely colorr

charlene-ann said...

such a great look!! the drinks look yummy!! :) & thoseeee nail polishes are all so pretty :D

Bárbara said...

Such a great and beautiful look! And so many pretty things!
The last ones I have them too! I'm beggining to be obcessed about those little botles with cute stuff! :D


Unknown said...

girl this combo looks great. nice work boo!


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