Sunday, October 2, 2011

MAC Fall Colour Haul • Swatches

My wonderful man treated me to some things from the new collection. <3
No words. Just swatches. lol

MAC Starless Nights Pigment • MAC Magenta Madness Pigment • MAC Violet Pigment
[Cindy Sherman]

Magenta Madness VS HD Pink
MAC Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick [Posh Paradise]

From left to right:
MAC Rare Exotic Mattene Lipstick [Posh Paradise]  
MAC Dress It Up Pro Longwear Lipcreme [StyleDriven]  
MAC Show Orchid Amplified Lipstick [Cindy Sherman] 
MAC Violetta Amplified Lipstick [Cindy Sherman]

Hope you enjoyed the swatches. c:
I know I said no words but I just wanted to rave really quickly about Dress it Up. It is absolutely my favorite thing I got. It's absolutely beautiful. I compared it to my other lipsticks & it's unlike the colors I have. I just love it. Here's a closer look.

Thanks again!!


Gaby Fauchon said...

I love Magenta Madness and Dress It Up, great picks!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

wow!!..What a great hauls you have there hun..Gorgeous lippies..^_^..


I feel like visiting my local Mac store soon :D
Hope they´re still having Saint Germain...and maybe some orange/peachy tones.

♥ oh and sooo love your new background music ♥

♪ Vernissage and Cream

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

wow you got some great things and oh my that pink lipsticks is a perfect pick !!!

Leslie said...

that lipstick is gorgeous love!! you got some great things!!

Benish@getsettoshine said...

the pigments will last you for ages...gorgeous swatches,mac violet pigment is beautiful.

Annie♔Lovely said...

- oh how lovelyy <3
I luhv that pink one!
hope I can get itt <3
&& show orchid

Sofiamichelle said...

great haul! The pro longwear lipstick looks gorgeous!

Eden-Avalon said...

Dress It Up isn't the kind of shade that I could pull off, but I wish I could because it's so gorgeous!

I'm surprised by how close the MAC and the HD pigment are!


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