Friday, November 11, 2011

Brown Plume Lashes

I wasn't a big fan at all of these lashes. I did think they were beautiful & I love the colors in it. Especially the green underneath them. But they're very poorly made. One lash band was even longer than the other! You can tell in the first picture. The right one is longer. You can also see how messed up the feathers are on the sides. When I was trying to take out the lashes from the case, I actually tore a whole feather off lol I put it back with lash glue. I didn't even pull that hard though. I had to peel it off from the bands. Idk it was a mess.  :( I wore these on Halloween when I was trying to be Pocahontas lol but I didn't like it. I put them on again today, for this blog post & did this quick, weird look using Comfort Zone.

Underneath the lashes.
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette
Gasps! Can you tell which shadow is my favorite?? Lol This is my beat up palette. I had dropped it soon after I first got it. The two shadows missing got totally shattered. The only color I really use A LOT from here is the bottom right one though. So today I used them all! All along the bottom lash line & inner lids I used the bottom right color though. I used both crease colors in the crease & the green eyelid color over the crease. & The brown definer color in the outer-v.

lol My eyes look bruised the eff up.

Halloween 2011 • Pocahontas
I wasn't even going to post this 'cause it didn't come out very Pocahontas-y. I just ended up looking like a hippy. Haa ♥ Anyway this was the first time I wore the brown plume lashes. 

Thank you ladies!


Bárbara said...

You look sooo pretty (as always).
*in love*

Pocahotas or not, I loved the look!


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty <3 :)

MakeupByAngel said...

I think it looks more Pocahontas than hippy ;) lol Gorgeous look! I need to go check out that site where you get those lashes, they are always so insanely gorgeous!

Sasa Sasha said...

wow this looks great ! they are amazingly colore, love the green tint :) also the eyeshadow ''club dupe'' :) suites you great !

SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Wow awsome lashes!

MizzBeautyology said...

aww so freaking adorable, love your looks.. where you stay at?

skeetybee said...

I think it turned out gorgeous! Very creative!

Ken said...

your lashes are insane!

Jessica said...

Beautifulll. I love this, those lashes are awesomeeeeee

EyeGraffiti said...

oh how well you pulled of this look with these lashes, cuz when I saw them it was like *hard to imagine what they would work with*, but you nailed it!


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