Monday, November 28, 2011

Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

[Envy] is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.
One of the ugliest sins! I'm sure we've all witnessed some form of envy at some point. There's no appreciation of what they already have & obsess over what.. or who they don't have. Tsk tsk.. No bueno! The heavenly virtue that is Envy's opposite is Charity. Charity is happy for other people's goods/happiness while Envy laments it. Since Envy is often referred to as the "green-eyed monster", I used greens on the eyes & hot pink on the lips. I hear "desire" & I think hot pink!

NYX Pigment [Jade] • WnW Comfort Zone Palette
 This Jade pigment is soooo pretty! I still don't like green eyeshadows for me but the color itself is really pretty. Something I forgot to add in the pic, I also took the yellowish highlight color lightly around the bottom to blend out Jade a little more. I'm wearing random spikey-like ebay lashes on the bottom. I couldn't keep them in place. I didn't cut them or anything so they kept folding upwards lol

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick [Show Orchid]
I love this color! It's hot pink with like a blue pearl to it. It's so pretty. It reminds me of the WnW 521A lipstick. Just cause of the blue pearl though 'cause the WnW lipstick is darker & more on the red-pink side but with the same blue-sheen.

NOTD: Pink with Envy.
Orly [Swizzlestick]
This is one of the polishes Annie gave me (Ty Annie!) It's a red based pink & I love it!

Thanks for reading, sheekas. (:


Bárbara said...

Hyy Luv <3
You'r back! I'm was so happy when I saw a new post of your blog in by blogroll! =D

I loved the look, the green is just unbelievably pretty.. I was in doubt is I should or not order that color and now its a total yes!

I liked the lashes too they are so funny!

I've been in a quest for a pink lipstick for a while..reading several reviews.. I always come back for your pinks =D

I hope I see you soon!
Kiss Kiss


Nora said...

beautiful makeup!
I have the same products I will try to reproduce it.

SAHAR said...

great love your eyes

SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Love this makeup look!

Unknown said...

lovely make-up. your eyes looks so pretty^^

Makeup and Mutts said...

Wow this is SO gorgeous Dinorah! That lip color is great on you :)

Unknown said...

Bonitaaa!!! Look the eyeshadow look!! BOMB!! :)

MizzBeautyology said...

aww ur make up is so cute.. n beautiful i love all your looks. Much love n thanx for entering my contest..

MizzBeautyology said...

hey love ur make up, thanx for entering my contest...much love

Unknown said...

Dinorah greens look so pretty on you

Annie♔Lovely said...

:o Am I Seeing A Ghost ? lol jk
Por Fin! Ya No More Breaksz ; Que Te Extrañamos Muchoo <3 Love This Tho.. Green <3 Love Those Colors

Dinorah ♥ said...

Barbara! Lol yayy thank you! Haha yeah girl, I didn't like it at first either but it's really pretty! You can get away with using just a little bit which is awesome 'cause it's so small lol. Haha the lashes were such a pain! Thanks girly <3

Brown Sugar, thank you! That's so sweet! Please show me if you do <3

Sahar Awan. SheerBeauty. Fanny. Thank you chicas! <3

Vintage glad you liked it!! Thank you, I love it! Loud & pink, yes please.. Haha.

Thanks Nessa!! Glad you appreciate my crazy side haha. <3

MizzB you're very welcome, girl! It's such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! <3

Becca thank you, that means a lot. <3 I guess it's just outside of my comfort zone. Thanks again girl. (:

Annie lol omg eh-stop que estamos iguales eh! Los fregados problemas no nos dejan. lol jk but thank you, hermosa <3

tiffyama said...

Envy indeed can be a nasty sin. Love your interpretation through this look, Dinorah! :D Love the pops of green!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

Very AWESOME! Hey babes..What kinda Camera do you use? I love your pics, and I am goin to buy a NEW Camera soon, just researching a bit before hand.

Jessica said...

Hey girly i looooooove this look ur very talented.. I jut discovered ur blog! I'm now following

Anonymous said...

Lovely <3 you did your make-up so perfect why aint u famous yet missy!! with the talent you have :D xx

SGRMSE. said...

the lashes are WIN! you always have the best ones :D

Giorgia said...

fantastic colors
looks amazing!


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