Friday, March 23, 2012

Family Heirloom ღ

Hiya! So a couple of nights ago, me & my chicaa Nessa were sharing ideas for room decor on Fb. Haa. She's planning on getting an antique-style vanity for her room! So I was searching for pictures of vanities & other oldy stuff. I kept coming across this turquoise color that was almost always paired with brass or an old gold color. It's so beautiful & wanted to do a look based off it. I named it "Family Heirloom" which my bf loved! lol

• Eyes
MAC Butterfly Party Pigments (Raindrop) • Urban Decay Naked Palette (1)
I vowed I would set this pigment aside for its own post & I delivered! This is Raindrop from the MAC Vera Collection. This color's like a green-turquoise color. It has a definite blue, kind of sheen to it but is clearly more on the green side. Hooray for getting over my green shadow phobia lol! I also love how shimmery the color is. It has a hint of gold undertones, which looks just awesome in the sunlight. I used the Naked palette to lighten, darken, & blend out the look. I used the lightest, matte color in the WnW Greed palette [not pictured] as highlight under the brows.

• Lips
MAC Enchantee Lipcolor
For light pink lips I used this cool pink color. It's really smooth without being goopy or super shiny like a lipgloss.

• Cheeks
Charlotte Ronson 3x a charm
I rarely contour, wear blush, or highlight anymore, much less all at once. But recently, my friend Lori gave me this wonderful little number. [Thank you, Lori!] It comes with a very sheer luminizer, a pretty coral-pink blush, & a bronzer. All three are shimmery, the luminizer more than the other two. They're all powders & because they look so pretty, I've found countouring & blush really easy to incorporate into my daily routine again lol.

• Nails : Antiqued Gold
L.A. Colors Sea Siren • Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold Crackle
I'll be honest! This mani only lasted on my nails long enough to snap pictures lol. I hate this gold crackle nail polish but it's the only gold polish I have & wanted to do something related to the theme. The color underneath is awesome though! I used it by itself in this post.

 A big thank you for reading! I appreciate your love, always.
Have an great weekend, everyone! xOxO


Nora said...

Hi, super makeup, & i want this palette.

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous and perfect lip combo for that eye look. I love your inspiration pics It is a gorgeous color and the touches of brushed gold make it pop.

Unknown said...

Love the color combo! Looks amazing!

MizzBeautyology said...

Hey girly love the turquoise color n the make up looks amazing!

cutesyhygiene said...

love love it

karen said...

You look beautiful as always :) I have the same Sally polish & I HATE it maybe because it's so hard to apply. But I love everything from your eyes to your nails <3

Boho Vanity said...

your eye makeup looks amazing! i love this post xx
my blog: boho vanity

Anonymous said...

I Looove how the nails came out!!! p.s. those ear rings your wearing are stunning!!

Unknown said...

Love it chica!!!! That turquoise and gold on the picture looks nice together...every time I see turquoise it reminds me of u!! lol

Jessica said...

that owl ring i must have!!!

Monica said...

The turquoise and gold look really good together and love the make up.

Makeup Metro said...

Urban Decay has so many good different color options. A must to have!

Ruth Arthasya said...

U look SO pretty!
Great eye-makeup and great nailart!
Your blog is great, too<3:)

Following you:)
It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

Have a sparkling day!

Anonymous said...

Love this look <3 I'm a new follower, I love your blog!

Annie♔Lovely said...

Love It <3

Maryam Maquillage said...

you are amazing Dinorah, I can't stop staring at your pics, they are so saturated and full of life!!! love the makeup as always <3

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi Nora! Thank you. :3
It's awesome! I had almost forgotten I had it.
I think you'd love it! xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you, Aggie!
The lips were my fav part! Thank you, I totally agree!
The turquoise looks so pretty with the gold in the pics.

Dinorah ♥ said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Ev!
Thanks, girl!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi love!! Thank you! I love all things turquoise haha
You're the best-est! xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hadonna!! Thank you, chica!!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Oh my Karen, thank you!
LOL girl me too! I totally agree, wayyyy too hard to work with!
I was so disappointed in it too. I'm glad you liked everything else.
Thanks, beautiful xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Yayy thank you, girl! xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you Ayla!! Omg, can I just confess something though..
they feel like they weigh a ton. :( I can only wear them for a couple
hours til my ear holes feel all painful lol. At least they look neat
for a minute, right? lol I'm not as creative in the nail dept as you or @blanca1018 !!
lol but I tried! Thanks again girl xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Lmao yayy!! Girl you know me too well! lol
Yesss, doesn't it feel super oldish? Lurve it.
Thank you, boo <3

Dinorah ♥ said...

me too!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you, Monica!! Glad you loved it :3

Dinorah ♥ said...

That is so true! I kind of want the new one :s
but don't want to spend all that ke$ha on it! lol

You're right though! This one offers a great variety of neutrals!

Dinorah ♥ said...

You are so sweet, Ruth!
I'm so happy you enjoyed this!! Thank you for following!
I'm def checking out your blog. Thanks again, girl!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi Cynthea! I just came from your blog!
I love your looks! Thank you so much for your
sweet comment & for following. xx

Dinorah ♥ said...

Yay!! Thank you, Maryam!! You're the amazing one, though. <3

Dinorah ♥ said...

Spanx Annie!!

Johanna said...

I love the cheeks palet!! ^^ You are very nice, love your make up!!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

Urghh LOVE this. Cut it out D! Your so freakin talented! :)


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