Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy DuoChrome Eyes. ღ

 Hi, today I'm doing things a tad bit different. I've been asked to do makeup tutorials by some girls. I've never given it serious thought because unlike real makeup artists, I don't really have too much of a technique. I only know my face & I've come to learn what works for me & what doesn't. For example,  you know how they say black liner on the waterline makes your eyes look smaller? Wrong for me. That actually brings more attention to my eyes & makes them stand out more. You know how they say to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks? That actually kind of ages me & makes my face look wider. I've found that applying it right above, where the contour would be & not extending the blush past my eyes works a lot better for me. I realize that what works for me, doesn't work for everyone else but I don't want some of you to think I'm ignoring your requests lol So I tried to think of a simple version of my favorite eye makeup. Emphasis on the word simple! I didn't want it to be a look that's super hard to follow. I used a duochrome because it makes it look like you're wearing more colors than you actually are; giving your eyes more dimension that a single color shadow would. I tried to use products that almost everyone who reads this blog already has anyway, or has something pretty similar.

1.) Prep Lids: Use your choice of primer or base.. or both. I rarely use primer. I don't really see any benefits to using it for myself. What I do, is dab a very small amount of foundation & blended it all over my lid & set it with powder. (Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige & Wet N Wild Natural Blend Powder in Bare)
2.) Blending color: I take a color a shade darker than my skintone & brush it into & above the crease. The purpose of this is to make the eyelid color in step 4, easier to blend out. (Light orangy color from Wet N Wild IMatte)
3.) Highlight: I then highlight under my brow. I like to keep the highlight only where the brow arches. I then blend together where the highlight & the blending color meet. (White color from Wet N Wild IMatte)
4.) Eyelid: With a dense shadow brush, I applied a duochrome. I didn't bring the color up past the crease. (Right bottom color in Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone)
5.) Blend: With a fluffy blending brush, I blended out along the crease. Bringing both, the lid color & the crease color together.
6.) Dimension: To add even more dimension & some added color, I patted some blue shadow onto the center of the eyelid only. (Mid-right color in Wet N Wild's Blue Had Me a Hello)
7.) Top Liner: I lined the top lid with a liquid black liner & created a slightly thick wing. (Wet N Wild Water Proof Liquid Liner)
8.) Mascara +Falsies: I then gave my nonexistent lashes two coats of black mascara. Then applied some criss cross lashes. In the picture, I also applied mascara to the bottom lashes in this step. But I recommend not doing that until after step 10. Since we will be adding shadow to the lower lash line. (Mabelline The Colossal & Glama Lashes in XO)
9.) Tight Line: Then I took a black pencil liner & lined the upper rim of my eye & then did the same to the waterline. Tight lining gives the illusion of thicker top lashes. (Wet N Wild Pencil Eyeliner in Black)
10.) Lash Line Shadow: Taking a pencil brush, I applied the same all over lid color along the lower outer lash line. After this or after step 11, would be a good point to apply mascara to the lower lashes. (Right bottom color in Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone)
11.) Finishing Touches: All that was left to do was to brush away any fall out with a big face brush & conceal. I usually like to conceal with a foundation brush but also use my fingers from time to time. After I blended in the concealer under my eyes, I then set it with my face powder. (Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Light & Wet N Wild Natural Blend Powder in Bare)

[Wet N Wild 8 Color Palettes] Comfort Zone • IMatte • Blue Had Me At Hello

Lilac Castle
NYX Castle: Okay, I hope I don't lose you on the lips lol. It's a frosty muted purple, (I sense that I've lost most of you now) It comes off as an iridescent lilac on the lips. It's absolutely gorgeous & even though these round NYX lipsticks don't have virtually any lasting power, I still love the colors. This past week, I wore Castle like three times which is cray for me because I usually stick to my Prim Rose & my Tea Rose.. Oh! What a coinkeedink they both have rose in them! lol Anyway, it's not super bold so I really like the way it looks with dark eye makeup. The other time I wore it, I wore it with a dark brown smokey eye, which looked really nice. I rarely go outside the box, but this color is pretty nice! We shan't be afraid of different colors, we shan't.

This was a different direction but really fun. They probably won't come as often, but I'm hoping to do a few more of these in the future. I should note that my desktop is officially out of commission, & I'm not so much use to the screen colors on my laptop. But I will definitely try to either adjust or get a new desktop. If you enjoyed this post, & you're craving great in-depth tutorials (pics) I strongly recommend following this little lady.. ibeauty She does really great makeup & shows exactly how she did it. If your thang is instagram, & you enjoy daily fotd's, I strongly reccommend following janet84 on Instagram. She does really pretty makeup & posts it daily, she's incredibly sweet & if you have a question, she's really good at getting back to you. I'm extremely excited for this week! I'm taking my family to the zoo & the beach this weekend & I'm beyond ready for this! Lol this week will consist of shopping for the crazy heat that will surely be more than happy to greet us. lol Have a great week! & As always thanks so much for stopping by. <3


Unknown said...

love this tutorial ^^

Anonymous said...

simple but beautiful!!


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

this is amazing I would love to see more of these D you have so much talent its amazing !!!


♥ Tanachi ♥ said...

This is amazing!
Thanks for the nice tutorial! :D


TamaraB♡ said...

Agreed^^^ Love this!

Amanda Lehrke said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love this tutorial!

Anonymous said...

omg i have been dying for you to do a tutorial!!! i love this look!! thanks for taking the time to do this, you so sweet! :) I wanna see how you do your blush!! for next time! ♥

Cali Gal Lola said...

Beautiful look & love that lip color. No NYX in my area :(

Jessica said...

that is so pretty!!

Dora Rattigan said...

Wow, gorgeous!

Unknown said...

SO gorgeous!!!!

sugarbumpkin said...

Oh my goodness. I need that lipstick now.

Kassie said...

LOVE the the look!! I love duo-chrome shadows and wish I had more of them. I also desperately need that lip color. It is the most unique color from NYX that I have seen and I must have it!

GorJess23 said...

Love the look you, look great!! I must try this look!! You make it look soo easy to do!! I bet it's gonna take me forever!! haha

I can't stress how much I love your blog!! I love the layout too!! ;)


Maryam Maquillage said...

oh Dinorah you are so fabulous in every way!! I love this pictorial tutorial, I think I'm gonna try it out :)))

Monica said...

I love this look! I love how you are able to wear such pretty colorful lipsticks.

Ana Sofia said...

Love it, amazing tutorial! A new follower :)

Lots of Love, Ana

Unknown said...

looks great! lurvv it!


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