Monday, September 9, 2013

ba star ♡ review

 Hey bloggettes! What better way to make a comeback to blogger world than with some good ole fashioned glitter! So I recently came across the brand  ba star.  The brand offers a ton of glitters & shimmery loose shadows that really caught my eye. I received these alone with their own shimmer base, which was really impressing.. cause I have the worst luck with shadow bases. 


 Deep Plum Stardust
"Deep Plum" Stardust : This loose shadow is gorgeous! I totally fell for this one. It's purple with holographic shimmer & goes on absolutely gorgeous with a base. Also, it lasts a whole lot more with it. I've used it with the BA STAR base & also with the Mabelline Color Tattoos. & It looks amazing with both. For an ultra shimmery look, I like to apply it wet. It looks especially beautiful on just the center of the lid.

Holo Silver Glitter
Holo Silver Glitter : This silver body glitter is also very nice. It's pretty much the same as any other glitter. It's a fun way to make your makeup stand out. Even a little glitter is necessary for New Years & Halloween! A little goes a bling way.

I really enjoyed the products, & I was really thrilled that they offered a coupon code. I think it's a good move for a company to do this, &  make their products more well known and more accessible to those of us who want to try them out. It's a really great deal for some really beautiful shimmer shadows. Code is good til SEPT 30th.

I apologize if this post seems a bit awkward lol I'm so not use to blogging anymore. A lot of exciting things are happening in my life, & I hope to get into all that at some point soon, if things work out. I hope to also get back into makeup blogging again. It feels so long since I've been here! I hope everyone's been well <3 I miss so many of you.


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Wow! Stunning! <3 I miss your blogging! I just got back into posting again. This time of year seems to always be a lot of fun to blog. Nice to see you are doing well! Take care.

Karlina said...

Really pretty! Glitter is always perfect on you! ^^

Unknown said...

That is gorgeous!!! So glad that you are back!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! :D I loooove glitter! ^-^
I am a new follower! :D

Inez said...

Very nice colors, the glitter based ones remind me of twilight pigments, xoxo.

Katherine Unique said...

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