Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fortune Necklace Arrived x3

      Finallyyyy the necklace I ordered for my boyfriend's sister is here! The color took some getting use to but I love it. Lol. I know the antique-y gold isn't for everyone, but I think she'll love it too.  ت Ahhhhh I'm so excited I finally have it.. & pretty soon I'll have my Swarovski Crystal Phone Case from kollada.com !!Oh yeah, so the deal with the phone case was that I hadn't received any word from kollada for almost 4 weeks (since I had ordered my phone case). I emailed them twice but they hadn't gotten back to me. ;[ I had heard about kollada from DeziredBeauty from Youtube. I had seen a kind of like review she had done on their phone cases & had nothing but great things to say. Also, her phone case was gorgeous! Apparently these cases are pretty popular lol but I had never seen them before & I was floored. So anyway, when I was having trouble getting some feedback about my order from kollada, I went out on a limb & messaged Dez, hoping she'd give me some advice or some kind of customer service number since she had more experience with the company than anyone I knew. I did realize this was a long shot though lol She's such a busy girl & she gets tons of mail everyday; I really didn't expect her to respond to my message, much less offer her help to me. But she did! She was soo sweet about it too & gave me the kollada email she had. She also offered to get in touch with kollada, herself, if I was still having trouble contacting them. I was honestly touched. These days, the majority of people I come across don't feel the need to help anyone else out but themselves. People don't usually go out of their way to help me out. I've always been the kind of person to look past someone's negative qualities though & I believe everyone is good at heart; Some people's goodwill is just harder to find than others. lol But that's a totally different blog for a different day lol So anyway, I tried the email Dez so graciously gave me & kollada got back to me the very next morning. Kollada told me they had been getting swamped with orders & emails & most of their emails were ending up in their spam. But that my phone case was almost done & was to be shipped to me either Saturday (two days ago) or Tuesday (tomorrow). I was sooo incredibly relieved. It was such a huge weight off my shoulders; I had been sooo worried. But kollada assured me, I'd have my phone case before the holidays. =] Yay!! <3 <3 I hope you guys are having good luck with your holiday gifts too! =]

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