Friday, December 10, 2010

Haaa! Boots:2 Dinorah:0

      I gave in 'cause love them! I went to go see if maybe my love for them had just been a temporary infatuation. I thought I was going to look at them like you look at ex-boyfriends & say "what was I thinking?" =/ lol but that didn't happen. They were just as beautiful, if not more, to me than they were yesterday. <3These are actually a size 8. I'm usually a 7, 7.5 but 8 was the smallest they had left. They still fit & look pretty awesome. ت I also picked up a scarf & a pair of earrings.

Ashlee Boots from Rampage
Orig. Price: $60.00
I Paid: $29.99
Incredibly comfortable & surprisingly fashionable. I had always seen boots like this as more of a totally casual look. I've seen girls wear these with sweats for pete's sake! But they seem to be able to put together an outfit quite nicely. I was wearing just a sweater, leggings, & a scarf when I tried them on & it totally completed the outfit, 10x better than the flats I was wearing. I see a lot of potential in these. Heh.

Plaid Cashmink Scarf in Ivory
Orig. Price: $29.99
I Paid: $9.99
Super soft! I found out that Cashmink is 20% finer than Cashmere. I didn't think there was anything softer than Cashmere lol.

Hannah Black&Crystal Hoop Earrings
Orig. Price: $12.99
I Paid: $6.99
 Erm, I just needed a pair of black hoops. The rhinestones just add a little more to them. ;] I have some almost exactly like these, that I wear all the time but they're super super thick!

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