Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi phrands <3 Hope you're enjoying the holiday season & chilly weather. These crazy cold fronts haven't been too kind to me. I live in hot, dry, South Texas & it rarely gets cold down here, even during the winter. We get cold fronts here & there but for the most part it's not too bad. It's been really chilly this past week & now I have the sniffles. ;[ My nose is stuffed up & I sneeze all day lol. Thankfully I don't have a cough or gotten a fever or anything like that! Anywho! I've been Christmas shopping here & there since Thanksgiving for all the wonderful people in my life. ;P I've already ordered my boyfriend's sister's xmas gifts, I'm just waiting on them to get here. ;3 Which by the way, has been super frustrating. I ordered her an antique-ish gold key necklace from Jewels by Park Lane, about three weeks ago. I still haven not received it. The rep that I ordered it from told me that because of the Holiday Seasons, they're lagging a bit. The necklace is gorgeous though; I can't wait to see it IRL. The other thing I ordered for her was a Swarovski Crystal phone case from Kollada.com. I ordered it around the same time, give or take a day or two. And the same thing is happening with that. ;[ Well it's been a real hassle just trying to get some insight from Kollada on the status of my order & I'm still waiting on them to respond to my emails. Ugh the phone case is absolutely adorable too though. I just hope I get both things in time for Christmas ;[ I know she'll love them! Well I hope she will anyway. ^.^
      I also got my boyfriend's Christmas gift but I won't say what it is since he has a bit of a wandering blog eye & hops on here every now & then to read up on his woman. lol I think he'll really like it though. That man is wonderful though; I could get him a mud pie for Christmas & he'll think it's the most perfect gift ever just 'cause it's from me. Of course I won't give him a mud pie though! lol
      I haven't decided what to get for Gma on my mom's side but I know exactly what to get my Dad's mom. I won't get into much detail but it's going to be tasty & she's going to love it! She lives in Tennessee & I'll be shipping it out to her. I'll just post pictures when I send them out. =] I have nooooo clue what to get my mom or my Gma Mata (her mom)! I've been googling & youtubing for ideas but it's no use, 'cause of course the best gifts are those that hold a special meaning between you & that person. <3 Which makes it even harder but much more worth it! <3 Well, only 17 more shopping days 'til Christmas!! I hope you guys are making the best of these days!
"Fortune Necklace" Jewels by Park Lane
Orig Price: $68
I Paid (S&H included): $40.30

Swarovski Crystal Phone Case
Price (Free S&H) : $70

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