Friday, December 10, 2010

Ugggggs!! Na na na na!

     Mehhhhhhhh!! I never really got into the whole Uggs fad. I've had these tannish-brown boots for a little over a year & have used them maybe twice. Mostly 'cause I'm so use to heels! The only flats I wear are a bit on the loud side. I hate boring shoes & uggs are well.. kind of plain & not super flattering. Besides the fact that they make my feet look ginormous, I'm not comfortable wearing them out 'cause they make me feel bummy. ;/
     Now.. last night, TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY! I saw some black boots similar to my uggs & I don't even know why but I tried them on & loveddd them. This goes against all of my inhibitions lol I didn't know why I liked them so much & wanted them. Eventually, I made up my mind that if I bought them, I'd take them home, & hate them, & never wear them again; Just like I did these. So I didn't get them. But I'm seriously thinking about going back today & picking them up. lol They're pretty simple, they don't have as much detail as my tan-ish boots so I'm not sure what it is about the black ones that catch my eye more. It could be the simple fact that they're black.. & there's a whole lot more to match them with. I'm still kind of debating whether I should get them or not. lol I guess we'll see later. x3

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