Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let's get this straight! • Review

Let's talk about hair, baby! So recently, I was sent this flat iron to try out & review from Now I've been seeing a lot of reviews on here recently of these! One of the firsts being on Kiss an Makeup on a different flat iron from the same site [found here] But prior to blogger, I hadn't heard from the site nor the brand HANA before & after reading everyone's thoughts I was really excited to try it for myself!

Hana Tin Case & Leather-like Storage Pouch
Also includes this Heat Proof Pouch
Heat Proof Pouch & Hana Pro Flat Iron
Temperature Dial found on the inside area with five settings ranging from 140-450° F.

Customer Service. Superb. My questions & emails were answered very promptly & efficiently. Shipping was a breeze & very fast. Something I read about Misikko is that they pride themselves in their special & unique packaging. It was the very first thing I noticed. It's not the most important thing in the world, but it's such a great extra. You get the sense that they're genuinely there to please & go the extra mile for their customers. Which should be a given, but is actually not so common.

My Hair Background. My natural hair is wavy, frizzy, & split-end central, girl! Lol. Now, my hair isn't particularly difficult to straighten but it does take me a long time because of the length. I usually straighten my hair almost daily because it does make it look a lot healthier.

My Experience. I've been using the Hana Pro for a couple weeks now & I've found that it has really cut my straightening time down. I have long hair but it's pretty thin. Compared to my ConAir flat iron, the Hana heats up so fast & I don't need to run it as slowly as I did with my old one. i don't like using a whole mess of product in my hair. Living in the valley, where it's practically humid practically all year long, I sooooo appreciate that my hair stays looking sleek & doesn't frizz up lol. It's a quality straightener & one I would definitely recommend.

[Click images to enlarge]
Gone over with flat iron quickly.
Completely done straightening.
Closer look. 
Curls baby
Normally, I can't hold a curl to save my life! Lol Even with all the hairspray in the world. My curls fall pretty fast. I've been experimenting curling my hair with the flat iron & it's been so awesome! I think what makes them last longer is the heat. I'm not sure how hot my regular curling iron gets but it just doesn't cut it. When I curl with the HANA Pro, I do it slower than when I'm straightening & I get such pretty curls. I've never curled my hair with a flat iron before this successfully. I'm still practicing the technique so they're not like.. amazing. But I think they still look pretty cool! It really is pretty easy too.


I think I love this serum just as much as I loved the flat iron. My ends are extremely dry, so after I shower I take just a little bit of this (about half a dime size) & run it through my hair. I don't use it on my roots or scalp but more-so the ends & middle where I use the most heat. It's a clear serum & it smells so good. Nothing overpowering or anything, just like a really fresh smelling soft scent. I can't explain it.. but I love it. It leaves my hair sooo soft & shiny without feeling or looking greasy. Not even on the hands, does it gross. It's perfect & I could go on & on about it lol.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the quality & the pretty effortless, non-time consuming, results I got with the flat iron. For any additional information on the Hana Pro Straightener, Shine Shield Serum, or something related you can refer to the following links:

Thanks so much for stopping by & I have to say.. 
I'm pretty embarrassed about my "before" pics lol. All those
little hairs sticking out lol! D'ahhh well. Thanks for stopping by & I hope ya'll are enjoying the Holidays!


SGRMSE. said...

yaaayyy!!! you're back :D excellent review! also, i can't wait for the rest of your Seven Deadly Sins series!! happy early new year, button ♥

Pink Glam said...

I would love to give it a try but there outside my price range :( it looks like it worked great though :)

TamaraB♡ said...

LOVE these photos. Your hair is Gorgoues! The color is on point. I use Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron and it works like this one. Great review hun

Makeup and Mutts said...

Your hair is lovely doll!

Annie♔Lovely said...

Nice Review.
I Love How The Curls Came Out (:
& Dont Be Ashamed Of Your Hair Lol Mine Is EXACTLY The Same As Yours. It Goes Everywhere!

charlene-ann said...

absolutely love my hana straightener! love your hair!

karen said...

😳 this was my face as I looked at the pictures I just couldn't believe that this flat iron would do such a beautiful job! I been trying to look for the perfect flat iron for year because most of the ones I have would leave my hair dry and wouldn't last.

yourstrulypam said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and you still look beautiful as always. I have not talk to you for so long. Hope you are doing well. :)

Oh My Style said...

perfect review!! they look like really great straighteners!

im following!! i love your blog!


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