Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Rendition: ♥ 90's Makeup.

Yes ya'll the 90's! Lol recently I've been listening to a lot of nineties R&B on Pandora. The makeup on the old album covers & me playing around with the WnW matte palette have kind of rekindled my love for some of the most popular makeup trends of the nineties. Haa. I don't know about ya'll but I loved the 90s! It seems like just yesterday, we were watching TGIF lol. I didn't really start wearing makeup til the late nineties & even then it wasn't a whole lot. But I certainly remember watching my mom & my older cousins. & For some reason this is what I think about when I see makeup like this. Powder matte faces with little to no contouring. Little to no blush with very neutral eyeshadow (matte for the most part). Topping it off with lined lips & a deep red or reddish brown lipstick (usually matte also).

I saw this a lot when I was obsessed with 90210 as a kid lol Brenda Walsh & Kelly Taylor are the ones who stand out the most to me from that show. I saw this a lot with Selena too. She rocked the brown matte shadows, lined lips & brick red matte lips very often. The winged liner was something that she wore a lot too. I've included some links to pics of Janet Jackson, Salt n Pepa, Brandy, & Aaliyah also. It's a look that's been around probably since the beginning of makeup, just tweeked here & revamped there to make it look a little different. It's nothing new but it totally reminds me of back in the day. Well on to my rendition!!

I've been using this a lot! I think my love for all things matte comes from my infatuation with my mom's makeup lol. So the colors I used are pretty obvious. There's nothing really special to it. My outer v is poorly blended but it didn't too much bother me lol. I also added the Cosmo lashes from KKCenterHK. These particular lashes are shoreter than what I'm use to wearing now. They're close to my natural eyelashes & give a really good thickness. Normally, I wouldn't bother with short lashes but these give a really pretty natural look. They're shorter in the insides & longer on the outsides giving that almond eye effect.

NYC Plum Rum
Instead of the deep red, I went for a rum brown. This NYC color is EXACTLY like the WnW Spike With Rum matte lipstick.. minus the matte finish, of course. But they are the same exact color. My mom has both of these lipsticks too. They are the ones she swears by right now.

I freakin love wearing this combo. It's so simple to do but looks so "put together". It makes a statement without looking overwhelming. It's such a classic look in my book.


My Early Xmas gift

Yeah, he pretty much couldn't keep it a secret lol. My boyfriend is so sweet to me. He doesn't even have to do things like this for me but he always goes out of his way to surprise me. It's so cute. When he told me what he was getting me, I didn't really believe him lol but when I finally saw her I nearly died. She's just so adorable lol I seriously don't know how I ever lived without her haha. My first time on a webcam reaction was, "OMG one eyebrow is higher than the other!" LOL I was so weirded out.

All I do is make caras on this thing. Not sure if anyone cares lol but I'm wearing MAC's Dress It Up lipstick & Sinful Colors Wink lipgloss here & the purple from I ♥ Matte on the lids.

Hope you enjoyed my take on this look
& Thanks so much for stopping by.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! & such a cute laptop. You look beautiful always Mrs Dinorah ^_^ <3 xx

SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Great look!
I think I may try this :)

Makeup and Mutts said...

That lip color is GORGEOUS on you! You should wear more dark shades. :)

Jealous of that laptop! hee he

Anonymous said...

Lovely ♥

tiffyama said...

This post just brought be wayy back to the 90's. I LOVED 90'S R&B!!!! Aaliyah was definitely one of my favs. <3 Your inspired look is beautiful! So simple, but very stunning.

Aww, your laptop is adorable! (and so are you~ hehe).

Steph said...

OMG i love your laptop. im currently looking for a new laptop right now...mines so bust!

http://tzeyien89.blogspot.com/ xxx

Wifezilla Hekela said...

I love this post, its so original...Id still rock that look, its beautiful :)

karen said...

I'm in love with your laptop...omg I want it toooooo O.O I also love this look because is very natural and since I only wear natural colors is more than perfect :)

SGRMSE. said...

omyyy, lucky lucky girl!! :D :D :D you have such a rockin' bf! what make is that computer? nice shade of pink! :D

Annie♔Lovely said...

OMG Im IN Love With i<3Matte
I DID A look like this too pero con red lips
maybe ill uploiad it later :) but it does kind of feel like a 90s thing
specially with the matte shadows :)
&& your novio is so wonderfull that laptop is so prettyyyy

Huda said...

I absolutely adore the look, and love it even more than it was inspired by the 90's! You did an amazing job. So jealous at how talented you are with makeup :)

By the way, it's been brought to my attention that many people don't see my posts from my blog on their feed anymore, and it could be because I changed my URL. I know you're already a follower of mine, but you probably don't see my posts on your feed. If I could please ask you to head on over to my blog, unfollow it then re-follow it, and then you should be able to see my posts in your feed again! I'd really appreciate it :)

It's www.hudasbeauty.blogspot.com Thanks so much!

Giorgia said...

very nice blog

I'll wait



Unknown said...

Niceeeee!!!! Love the eyeshadow...P.S. Im jelly..I want a pink laptop!! :\ lol

College Beauty Junkie said...

this is a gorgeous look! i'm a 90's child and used to be OBSESSED with janet jackson, selena, etc. this takes me back!

Maryam Maquillage said...

looove your 90's rendition!!! you look perfect :)))

zarzz said...

I love your blog!


R said...

lovely makeup! and what a cute laptop :)


Mint said...

Gorgeous! You've inspired me to track down this rum colored lipstick. Im not a fan of bold reds personally because I feel as though it clashes with my dark eyes >: It kinda makes me look like a cheap whore but Im def gonna try this!! Bwahhh :B :B

Anonymous said...

I so love this look. Your makeup is amazing

Stokely Rainbow said...

I love the way eyelashes look on you :)
and i love aliyah . lol however that is spelled .
love your blog ;)


Phoebe Limanta said...

You're stunning! :)

Monica said...

I love this look, its pretty much my every day look for work.


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