Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank you Nessa♥ + LA Colors + Fancy Steps !!

I received some really awesome stuff from my girl Nessa from Nessa♥sMakeup. So firstly & foremost Thank Youuuu, beautiful! I'm still building her a little thank you package 'cause she's been so sweet! If you don't already follow her, check her out. She does killer makeup.

Guns blazing, kid. I looove this ring. I forgot to show the back of it, but it's a stretch ring. & When you wear it on your ring finger, the barrel part goes across your middle & your index finger. Sooooo cool! I love it. I want to wear it everyday. +It blings like crazy. ♥ She put it in the little damask baggy that's under it. How adorable!

Revlon Prim Rose I had heard so many good things about this lipstick. Nessa had told me it was like Pink Pout in creme finish. My jaw dropped 'cause I love me some Pink Pout lol. So when I saw this in the package, I nearly died lol I didn't know this was what she was sending. It's just beautiful.. the swatch pic speaks for itself. Dare I say, I love it more than Pink Pout because of the finish & even the color is softer. It's utter perfection!

I♥Matte Nessa sent me this when it first came out because it was nowhere to be found in my area. It's been weeks now & I have yet to see it anywhere down here! lol So I'm especially thankful she grabbed an extra one for me! The colors are awesome & I've been using the neutral colors a lot for my everyday makeup. I mix both browbones for a matte highlight & the tan eyelid color with the flesh colored browbone color in the crease to blend whatever color I use on my lids. I love it! It's such a good palette to have with great basic colors you can use everyday along with some really fun, colorful mattes too. I lurveee it!


Fancy Steps • Diamond Pumps

Eeeep! I first saw these on my Facebook feed. Fancy Steps usually posts sneak peeks of what will be going up on their site. I instantly fell inlove with these! My Snickerdoodle was like "You want them? I'll get them" D'awww! He's so wonderful. We had free shipping & the shoes had a 10% discount then. In all honesty though, pictures do these babies no justice. They are so much more amazing in person. They shine like.. well.. like diamonds. ^.^ Here's a direct link to them.

Mirror-like Double Platforms


L.A. Colors Trios + Swatches

First of all, I have to tell ya'll I feel like each trio is the best dollar I've spent in my life. lol These trios are awesome & I just love them. After going back & forth for a couple days on whether to buy these or not (I didn't think I'd use them) When I went out to look for them again, there weren't any left! ;( After seeing them on BeautyyMonsterr's blog. I fell inlove with them again lol I went to the Dollar Tree in the next town over & found them! The only ones I didn't get where Grassy Knoll (I have too many greens I don't wear already) & Tiki Punch. I really wanted that one but they didn't have it. On their website, they have all kinds of new colors. But I didn't see any of those. Also, why is there an emboss design on the shadows on their site but not on the shadows I have. v,v No es cool. Moving along, these are nicely pigmented & really soft! For a dollar a pop, I have zero complaints. So on with the swatches!! ♥

[LA Colors • Boardwalk]

[LA Colors • Sand Dune]

[LA Colors • Moon Rock]

[LA Colors • Southern Belle]
[LA Colors • Shooting Star]

Grayshus for stopping by, beauties ♥
& Thanks again, lovely Nessa!


Kassie said...

Those shoes are fuckin amazing! Are they hard to walk in? Are they comfy? They certainly don't look it but then again, none of the cute shoes look comfy haha

Anonymous said...

OMG the heels!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Wow, amazing post and I love those heels!


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

a big thank you once again for supporting fancy steps !!! you have been a amaizng loyal customer !! and those diamond pumps look amazing on you !!!

please follow my new blog fashion,love shopping

SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Wow I adore those heels they are so amazing!

Jessica said...

Drooling! Lol love everything great post hun

Annie♔Lovely said...

Damn You Nessa Lol
I Was Going To Send You
PrimmRose In A XMas Gift
Lol Ill Just Send Other Things :)
But Yes She Is Super Nice :)
& I LOVe Those Shoes ; Blahh I Wish I Could Walk On Em Pero No Se Puede; & All The Men Around Here Are Short Anyways :( LolJk

tiffyama said...

Aw, what a lovely package! :D Love that ring! It's screams awesome. hehe.

Daamn~ those are some bling bling pumps! So pretty!!

LA colors!! Every time I see this brand in stores, I always thinki of you. XD

Gaby Fauchon said...

I'm in LOVE with Primrose, my favorite Revlon lipstick ever! I just wish the formula would glide more nicely on the lips like MAC lipstick but oh well, it's still amazing for the pice!

Punky Bunny Blog said...

Gun Fab! Matte! and the shoes killah! :D

Makeup and Mutts said...

That ring is awesome! Cute heels too :)

TamaraB♡ said...

Omg!!! IM soooooo droooling right now!!! I actually went to that site, and was lusting after these, but sadly, they don't care my big ass foot sie which is TEN! uggh..shesh. I love Revlon and I consider them my go-to brand for lipsticks so I was glad you spotlit them. The color is GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Wow the colour looks fab! and loving the ring so bling* :D

SGRMSE. said...

I WANT YOUR SHOES, WOMANN!! :D :D :D totally diggin' the (new?) header! been awhile since i've been here. nice to see you're still rockin' awesome make-up looks!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Great makeup!! The shoes look great on you doll! xx

Unknown said...

Love your post chica..and your soooooo welcome!! Man I need some heels like that for valentines night :) hahaha...jk jk Girl I went to the dollar tree to look for those trios last weekend...Girl boo! they had only one old 5 pan palette that was old and cracked! :\ My dollar tree sucks butt! lol

Sharlene said...

wow girly those pumps are killer how can I cop me a pair? lol awesome package!!

<33 Sharlene

Ghadeer said...

shoes is absolutely gorgeous but i would prefer if there were more strass !
wet n wild palette ? I have to get it !
thnx for sharing babe

Wifezilla Hekela said...

OMG this whole post is LOVE...The Shoes..I WANT, and Ive seen those L.A Color shadows everywhere but was so iffy to buy them...Now Im convinced i HAVE to have them :))

Mint said...


GlamorousMama said...

Oh wow! Thanks for posting this! I have been on the hunt for some crystallized pumps like these!


Monica said...

those shoes are beautiful! I got those L.A. Colors shadows too not expecting much out of them but amazingly they are pretty good for the $.


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