Monday, February 20, 2012

MAC Shop/Cook Haul.

Hai amiguiz! I'll spare my MAC story this time around, because I'm still a bit heated over it. I feel like every time I plan on getting a collection or something I really want online, something always goes wrong. lol Well this haul is part of my Valentine's gifts from my Bae. The All Styled Up lipstick on the end, I got at my CCO a couple days ago, but the rest are from my boyfrand♥ =^.^= I should also note that the Butterfly Party pigments are from the Vera Collection. Enjoy the swatches!!

MAC Enchantee
 MAC Naughty Saute
 MAC Quick Sizzle
MAC Watch Me Simmer
MAC Innocence, Beware!
MAC All Styled Up
MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments
 ♥ Butterfly Party (purple)
 ♥ Desert Cloud (blue)
 ♥ Rain Drop (aquaish)
 ♥ Moss Garden (greenish silver)

In this pic, I'm wearing the silver color (Moss Garden) all over lid. Which by the way.. isn't a regular silver color. It has some greenish tints to it sometimes. I can't explain it, but you can kind of see it in the swatches. Yes? No? Perhaps.. lol I hope you see it too. It's really beautiful IRL. It's my favorite pigment from the four. Moving along though, I also used the blue (Desert Cloud) in the crease and the lower lash line, +the purple (Butterfly Party) lightly above crease. I also used I ♥ Matte to blend out and to highlight & darken. The only pigment I'm not wearing, is the greenish aquaish color (Raindrop). I shall save that baby for a full post. *does creepy eyebrow raising thing* lol
 Thank you for reading!


Bárbara said...

Hi love!!

I loved all of the haul but the pink lipsticks will look dazzling on your purrrrfect lips!

Much love

Unknown said...

beautiful colours! you take great pictures


Unknown said...

beautiful colours! you take great pictures


Alma Bunny said...

You are like the luckiest girl EVER.

Sara said...

Gorgeous. I really like the simmer colour.

style me pretty said...

what a great haul! Love the eyes makeup :)

Unknown said...

Wow you go a quite a haul there. The lipsticks all have pretty shades.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous haul I can't wait to pick up some stuff from this collection

Boho Vanity said...

really gorgeous products you got! the pigments are so pretty xx

My Blog: Boho Vanity

Cher said...

Geez you should just move to Hawaii so I could pay you to do my makeup all the time ;)

Digging the whole haul of lipsticks, especially MAC Innocence, Beware!

The pigments are such amazing jewel tone colours and the silver goes great with your green lenses. Super sweet of your significant other to get you new goodies!

Oh and I finally visited a CCO and was so excited but it turned out to be a bust, you seem to always have great luck there.

Anonymous said...

Eyes are beautiful and wow im so jealous of your haul, I have to have the Naughty Saute!

Jessica said...

nice stuff

Dinorah ♥ said...

Haha Che thanks so much, girl <3

Yess! The pigments were my favorite! Thank you, doll.

Oh boo! I'm sorry to hear that. Mine's been looking a little sad these days too. :(
Glad you found one though!!

Shyla said...

Wow! nice MAC collection! Pretty!


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