Sunday, February 19, 2012

She's got these big green eyes and they're as wide as the moon.. was generous enough to send a pair of circle lenses for a review. I had posted a poll on my blog awhile back asking what color of circle lenses you would be interested in. Hazel won by a smidgen. Tied for second place was Green & Grey. Since I was looking for something bigger than 16mm, I couldn't pick from their Hazel lenses since they were all smaller. So it was down to Green & Grey and considering my last circle lens post was on Grey lenses, I opted for Green! I've been trying these for about a month. I wanted to make fair comparisons to my other lenses & gave myself some time to really get familiar with them. The following is my personal experience with these lenses & my honest opinions.

[Flash+ "Close Up" Setting]
 This pic above was taken on a different day. Reason: I didn't realize I didn't capture a focused "before" picture of both eyes til later that night lol.
[Flash+ "Close Up" Setting]
[Flash+ "Close Up" Setting]

Product Info:
My order consisted of a pair of lenses+ regular contact case.
♥ Crystal / Vivian 3 Tones Green Lenses 16.5mm
  • Brand: VASSEN
  • Diameter : 16.5 mm
  • Water Content : 38~42%
  • Base Curve : 8.60 mm
  • Life Span : 1 year disposal
  • Price: $23.00
My Experience
  • Design: I really like the design. In natural lighting, the green color isn't super obvious for me. I have really dark eyes & the green color doesn't really come through. So if you're looking for a green that will really show up on dark eyes, these are not ideal for that. I'm not too comfortable with colored contacts on me though so I'm fine with the subtle green. They photograph really nicely with flash, as you can see, but the color won't look like that irl.
  • Enlargement: One thing I didn't like was that these don't have the dark circle around them.. which leaves more room for color but for me, I feel like it looks like it takes away some enlargement. I feel like the dark ring makes my eyes look bigger. I don't mind the lack of color, 'cause what I want is enlargement. Still, they are really nice at enlarging the eye. Although, I don't see much difference at all from my 15mm.
  • Comfort: Super comfortable! I like these much more than my GEO lenses when it comes to comfort. I don't even feel them! When I wear my grey GEOS, I can feel a difference. My grey ones aren't uncomfortable but I can still feel them & need drops some days, or they'll start to feel itchy. Not the case with these green ones.
  • The website itself offers some reasonable prices+ they have a lot of sales/promotions. The lenses are easy to navigate through; sorted by color & brand, which is always helpful!
Overall, these are beautiful lenses. I'm loving the subtle color change & definitely a fan of the how comfortable they feel. If anything, I think that's what makes me love them so much. They feel amazing.

Here are the posts where I'm wearing these lenses..
I should also note that the title of this post is from this awesome song.
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Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

love this you look great as always make up looks amaizng !!! hope your doing good girlie !!

Christine said...

These lenses look so pretty on you :)))) I have never tried circle lenses before :)

Sara said...

They look pretty natural. I think because of the transparency they blend better with your eye colour. They look very jewel-like and pretty :) Thanks for sharing :D

Nicole Marie said...

I like that they are not too some people wear different colors and it just looks crazy! I really want some blue ones :)


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