Sunday, June 3, 2012

Obsessed ღ : Lipstick Necklace +Bow.

My amazing piece of hunk, of a boyfriend got me a little somethang. I was looking at accessories with lipsticks & makeup related jewelry online, some days ago. Then I saw the mother of all necklaces.. A lipstick encrusted with beautiful sparkly rhinestones. Glorious!! My bf ordered it & gave it to me as a gift. Awww! I got it yesterday & I feel like wearing it with everything! It's so beautiful & my first compliment on it came from my 4 year old little cousin. Lol she made a b-line to me when she spotted it! It was so cute. Everything in this post is from

She said she loved my name. d'aww! She's so sweet! I didn't know this but that's PurseBuzz yall!
Dark Silver Adjustable Bow Ring with Black Rhinestone Detail.
Xtra Large Crystal Lipstick with Bow in Pink.
I freakin love it!! Thank you, baby !

Tomorrow I will be posting my 50 Shades of Grey Inspired makeup look.
Eeeep! I'm so excited about that one! I've been reading the books like a mad woman, thanks to Ms. Wifezilla!
I'm on the Freed book now. Please check back tomorrow evening, if you're interested in seeing that! xOxO
In the meantime, thank you so much for reading! xx


SAHAR said...

how romantic.... very pretty gifts you got... i m in love with this lipstick necklace

Unknown said...

So pretty!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

TamaraB♡ said...

WOw, what a pretty necklace. AT first I thought it was real and you could use it and put the cap back on. I think I like that its fake better, because it looks so pretty hanging down.

Jessica said...

That's adorable!love it girly glad to see more frequent posts =)

Anonymous said...

thats so cute <3

Anonymous said...

awwwh , he's a keeper then !! lol very cute <333

MaviDeniz said...

That's so cute! I thought it was a real lipstick at first lol


Monica said...

So cute! I saw her website and I want to get a few things from her. She will be IMATS so I might see what she will have there.


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