Sunday, June 3, 2012

MAC Reel Sexy Haul + Winnings. Yay!

Hey ladies! Here's a blast from the not-so-distant past. Haha I think it's time this baby gets posted. I always have a story behind a collection but, yikes.. I don't even remember what was going on two months ago. v.v I do regret not getting Pink Popcorn from this collection. The homita Nessa lol picked it up & blogged about it here & it looks so pretty. Moving right along though, let's get into it!

MAC Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish: Mine didn't have a whole lot of blue veining but it's still pretty gorgeous. I use it to highlight the cheekbone area. I'm not even a huge fan of all that but once in awhile it's pretty awesome. I like the subtle effect this leaves on my face. It's really smooth & blends in really nicely. I have nothing bad to say about this product, other than it's overpriced lol.

MAC Reel Sexy: Love this color!! It's a bit light on me but I love the orangey peach tint it has to it. I've been using this a lot for summer so far. This one & Revlon's Prim Rose are probably my most used this past month. I've been keeping the eye makeup to a minimal & the lips, for the most part, to a minimal too. The only thing really bold, I've been rocking is winged black liner & big dark lashes. My boyfriend got me a backup of this lipstick. Which worked out perfectly, I had no idea I was going to love it so much!

MAC Heroine: THIS was my most anticipated piece of this collection! I couldn't wait to see this one in person & even though it's.. purple & pretty dark on me. I really like it a lot. When I first took it out the tube, it intimidated me lol I thought "Ohhh I'm going to hate it!" Don't get me wrong. It's still kind of funky looking. lol But it works for me.. it's fun. It's an interesting shade, to say the least.

MAC Watch Me Simmer: I picked up this one back with the Shop/Cook collection but since it made a comeback in the Reel Sexy collection I decided to include it too! This is a really nice orangy pink, almost? I find that, like most orangey lipsticks.. it doesn't always look too great on me though. Haha.

MAC Screening Room Nail Lacquer: This polish was soooo hard to photograph. The picture looks a little grainy because I messed with the brightness & contrast to try to get it to look as close as the real thing as I could but blegh. For some reason, it shows a lot darker than it really is on my camera. Anyway, I tried to swatch it but that turned out worse lol I will try to include in it a notd, if I can get it show up well. Now the color, is really nice. I thought it would be more teal-ish but it's almost on the forest greens side. It's really nice though & different than the nail colors I'm use to.

For Funsies..
Crystal Stickers: These little suckers are so cute. I recently did this to my laptop because I felt it was girly enough lol. I got these little packets of crystals from a dollar store. I used up 4 little packs & it's not as tedious as it looks. They come in strips! So all you have to do is peel off the strips & line them on as straight as possible. It doesn't take long at all & it looks so pretty once it's done!

I won Monica's birthday giveaway!
LA Colors AD Baby Pink • Sinful Colors Bare • Sinful Colors Mint Apple • Sinful Colors Cinderella • Nabi Multi Star Glitter • LA Colors AD Silver
LA Colors Trios: Tiki Punch, Moon Rock, & Shooting Star
Nail Buffer • Five Double Ended Dotting Tools • Pink Glass File
Great prizes, right?! The nail file is glass & it's amazing! I've never had a glass nail file before. It's so cool, I love it. The dotting tools are so much fun to use. They come in all sizes & really do make a difference in how easily you can create designs. I love them!! The nail polishes are beautiful! I especially love Cinderella & the Multi Star Glitter. It's so pretty. & I finally have Tiki Punch!! Yayy! lol Thank you so much again, for the great giveaway, Monica! xx


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

wow what a great price that's awesome !!! love that purple on you looks great


bring your lipstick said...

I also bought Lightscapade! Gorgeous :) And of course Watch Me Simmer lipstick but when it came out with the Shop/Cook collection :)

Unknown said...

Loveee those lip colors on you chica!!! esp. Heroine!!! Niceeee!!!!

Jessica said...

The lippies are gorgeous! Love the blinged out computer =) and Congrats again those were awesome prizes

Unknown said...

Awesome haul and prizes!!!

Miss Tapia said...

I want Watch Me Simmer,but it's always so old! Congrats on winning!

MaviDeniz said...

Love the crystals idea. I think it would look so cool on the front of the laptop as well, but I can see that being a pain in the ass to do :P


Monica said...

I love those lipstick colors and congrats again on winning my giveaway!!


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