Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Collective Haul+ Candy Yum Yum/Moxie Comparisons

Here's a quick look at some of my favorite buys of last month!

Coastal Scents: 88 Shimmer Palette
The CS website was having a sale on their 88 palettes. I believe they were $8.88ea which is awesome! nessa was the one who told me about it. I got this shimmer palette, which mostly has bright colors. They're the same exact colors as my matte palette, except these are.. of course the shimmer version. These palettes usually retail at around $18 on coastalscents.com so I definitely got a deal. They're always having great deals anyway!

Coastal Scents: 88 Warm Palette
In the same sale, I also picked up two of these! I've been getting a lot of use out of this palette recently. The warmer & darker colors are perfect for fall & I'm sooo loving right now. With the heat slowly but surely leaving, I've been getting away with being able to wear more makeup. having a big palette like this makes combining colors a lot easier too. I picked up two because the second will be for an upcoming giveaway, yayy!

True Rebelle Accent Hair Clips
Wearing 2 pieces of "Ocean" | Wearing 2 pieces of "Calypso"
So cool!! I love these clip ins!! So these came about because I had been on the fence about dying my hair. I wanted aqua or pink streaks but sooo wasn't trying to bleach & kill my hair. So I resorted to looking for accent clip ins. These clip ins are from truerebelle.com, they're two different sets. The aquaish blue ones are called "Ocean", the pink ones are called "Calypso". Each set comes with four 20" pieces. They fit the length of my hair perfectly. These are real hair, so you can cut, crimp, curl, straighten, etc! My only complaint is that they're pretty pricey & the strands do come out really easily. You have to be careful with how you handle & store them.

Revlon Double Wink Lashes
Now I'm not one to spend more than $4 on a single pair of lashes & even then they have to be really something special lol. These Revlon lashes were about $6-$7 but they're so gorgeous. I got two pairs & I've been wearing them so often. I love lashes & I'm very careful with them. Just because, it's really hard for me to come by styles that I love. If you go to the stores, the selection is mostly short or "natural" lashes. The selection of full/dramatic styles is VERY limited. These are lovely. They're medium length but are extremely full. I love them sooo much!

Aurora Borealis • Pink • (no name sticker :() • Fuchsia Purple
dots lashes: Hayyy! When did dots start carrying lashes??! The first style I picked up because they remind me a lot of the "xo" Glama lashes I used here. They're not quite as long though. Both styles were $1.90ea which is awesome! The styles are really my cup of tea but I figured what the hey! I'm sure I'll still put them to good use.
dots nail polish: Double Hayyy! When did dots start carrying polishes? Well I had seen someone on here blog about them (sorry I can't remember where I saw them) & sure enough they had them set up when I went to dots. These polishes go for about $2.80 which is really awesome! Most of the colors are not really unique or anything. But I really do reccomend picking up the glitter one. It's not chunky glitter, more of a iridescent shimmerish polish. It's really pretty! I've been looking for a nude polish but I haven't been able to find one I'm satisfied with. I did see in a dots newsletter where they're advertising a new nude though! So I'll be looking for that soon!

dots earrings: No matter how hard I try, I can't get over my weakness of hoop earrings! & The bigger, the better.

Mac Candy Yum Yum
I wanted a Candy Yum Yum backup! So when the MAC By Request collection brought it back, I had to get it out of fear that they might never re-release it ever again!! Lol I'm sure they will though. They make too much $$ off it, not to. 

Mac Moxie
In the same MAC By Request collection, Moxie was re-released. Now I've seen pics on Temptalia where it looks PINK! Mine looks almost red. lol Anyway it's still a pretty color but it's definitely one I would've skipped, had I known it was so reddish looking.

Candy Yum Yum Comparisons
Mabelline Fuchsia Fever • NYX Shocking Pink • Ka'oir Neon Rockstarr • MAC Candy Yum Yum • MAC Dear Diary • MAC Pink Pigeon • Milani Rose Hip
Now let's get to the good part! Out of these first three lipsticks, the closest one to CYY is Mabelline Fuchsia Fever. The difference being that "CYY" is a neon pink matte.. while "FF" is a bright pink but isn't neon & has more of a wet finish. "Shocking Pink" is way too dark & "Neon Rockstarr" is more of a frost & is too light.

From the next three lipsticks, the best match is "Dear Diary" although it's just a bit darker. "Pink Pigeon" & "Rose Hip" are way more on the reddish pink side & aren't even close to "CYY".

The Results
Candy Yum Yum on the top lip & the comparisons on the bottom lip.
It came down to these two. "Dear Diary" is the clear winner. You can tell more, in person. It is only slightly darker than CYY. "Fuchsia Fever" comes close but lacks the neon & the matte finish. Neither is exact but they're the closest I could find from my collection.

Moxie Comparisons & Results
Moxie on the top lip & Spellbound on the bottom lip. (I should've compared Smokin Hot Pink too lol sorry)
Moxie was way easier lol. I don't have a ton of colors like this but it wasn't hard to find look alikes in my collection. The first one I found is "Smokin Hot Pink" by Wet n Wild which has nothing pink about it, either. -.- In person, it shares the same matte finish as Moxie but in color, it's darker & has more of a brown tint to it than Moxie but is still very very very similar. The other color I found is "Spellbound". It is practically the same color. It's so much like Moxie.. the most notable difference is that "Spellbound" has that creamy finish but the color is almost exact.

Well that's it for today! Sorry so late! & Sorry there's so many pictures.. more than usual anyway lol. Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a wondifurous week! (:


Nora said...

Oo i want Moxie

Unknown said...

Awesome haul! Both CYY and Moxie look gorgeous on you! You will love the CS 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette! It is an amazing palette!

theamazingworldofj said...

This was such a cool post with so many ideas!Love all the Stuff - the palettes, especially the warm one, cause, like you said - perfect for fall. The lashes look wonderful and those earrings, wow - love the bamboo hoops with the colored rhinestones, so gorgg!! I was trying to get my hands on Yum Yum and Moxie, but i wasn't fast enough. But i love your dupes, especially the NYX, I'll try to find it!

Jessica said...

the reds are bombb

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

Great post!

TamaraB♡ said...

Those earrings are amazing! So fierce, you gotta love it!

Monica said...

wow you got a lot of great items.


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