Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wet Seal Makeup ☼

How adorable is this little guy! Lol I was watching a zoo video by NikkieTutorials on youtube, & I immediately fell inlove with this seal. I'm not sure but by the spots & skin, I think this is a Harbor Seal. Idk either way, you can see him in action.. here. Aside from his big ole' eyes & cute nostrils, lol I love the skin! The beautiful black spots look so pretty on his silver skin. The skin has this iridescent sheen to it that's just amazing. & Call me a crazy makeup lady, but it reminded me of one of my MAC metallic crushed pigments Haha. Hope you enjoy the look!

Silver Eyes
MAC Moss Garden Pigment: This beautiful silver metallic has a sort of green or mint undertone but it's oh so subtle & oh so perfect. This pigment comes from the MAC Butterfly Party set. I just now discovered (doing this post) that each pigment has its own name! I had never seen the names, prior to this post. I had to go back & edit prev posts where I just called them the purple one or blue one. lol Rain drop is the color of the greenish color & Moss Garden is the name to this silver baby. Anyway! This is the main color I used for this look. It's all over the lid & also on the inner lower lash-line. I used a matte brown & black shadow on the crease & outer eye. A matte light highlight & a flesh-tone transition color.

DBSC Professional Luxuriant Eyelashes: These lashes were sent to me by kkcenterhk.com & they're gorgeous. My first impression of their appearance wasn't very good though. They were awesome towards the outer eye but the inner eye looked virtually lash-less. After multiple tries of trying to make them work.. It finally occurred to me to bring up the inner-lashes by curling them! Duhh! I can't believe I hadn't thought of it sooner. So after I put on the lashes, I took my lash curler & carefully curled the the inside lashes only. I tried curling all the lashes & the "tail" part doesn't look as good. It's best to leave the outer lashes, alone. They're synthetic lashes & pretty stiff so they're not the easiest to work with. The lash band is thick & not very comfortable. The ends tend to poke my eyelids, no matter how "perfectly" I apply them. However, I do like the effect the lashes create after curling. I like how the outer lashes look like a tail. Along with the winged liner, it kind of looks like a swallow's tail, doesn't it? lol They're really nice but stiff & uncomfortable. I would wear these again for the awesome effect but only for a short time. If you want more information on these, you can check them out here.

Sky Pink Lips
Revlon Sky Pink+ MAC Like Venus Dazzleglass: For this eye look, I rummaged through my lipsticks for a light pink that I haven't used in awhile. Sky Pink is a matte & it is very dry. I went for this iridiscent pink gloss that my amazing chica Lori gave me. Btw, ya'll should check her out on Instagram: @lori_e she posts about her daily life & does some lovely makeup! Plus, she's a totally wonderful girl.

Glitter Claws
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty + Dots Aurora Borealis: I have a haul post with this dots nailpolish coming up, it's so pretty!! The glitter in it reminds me of a softer version of Kaleidoscope by Wet n Wild. It's sooo purtayy!! This is how I've been wearing my nails lately. Easy & sparkly! No opaque nail polish.. just these two glitter polishes.I'm loving the stiletto nail trend, by the way! i wish I could do them longer & thinner though.

Welp this is it for now! Thanks so much for reading & scrolling through.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!!

P.S. Also a ginormous shoutout to Kate C ! who won the Hot Tools giveaway I was hosting.
I contacted her & she claimed her prize right away! Congratulations again, Kate!! Yayyy! ♥ & Thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for a giveaway in the near future!


Unknown said...

That looks is so so gorgeous!!!

GorJess23 said...

Flawless as always!! Love the nails too!!

Kassie said...

OMG I love your nails!!

MakeupByAngel said...

Love the look! I think the color matches perfectly to the seal's color.

Erika said...

I love your posts so much! You are my favorite blogger :) lol I already gave up on blogging because of my terrible pics but keep posting makeup cause I love your blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Great look!
You do your make-up so pretty :]

BTW; I am hosting a little giveaway on my blog. Stop by!

SAHAR said...

awesome makeup... i love this silver eye look with a touch of black

Angelique said...

This is gorgeous! I LOVE your eye shape! It's so beautiful when you look down (if that makes any sense, LOL) Anyway, can you PLEASE do a nail tutorial on your stiletto nails?! I just bought the fake nails from my drugstore to do them myself, and I attempted last night but failed lol! Pretty please do a tutorial on getting the stiletto shape!

Maryam Maquillage said...

OMG Dinorah, before I even saw your look, I knew by your wet seals inspiration photo that you were gonna SLAY the makeup!!! you are absolutely incredible and definitely one of my makeup muses :)))


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