Monday, November 5, 2012

Beauty Around The World: ♥ Spain

I'm going to sneak this post in right here. Lol This post has been in my drafts since like early September yikes! But here it is, now! When I think of Spain, I think of roses, flamenco dancers in flowy dresses. I also think of the beautiful architecture. The gold from the matador's jacket & suit.

Spanish Eyes
CoastalScents 88 Warm Palette: I incorporated muted golds & a lot of shimmery shadows. I wanted to keep the eyes relatively simple because the pow was going to be in the lips! lol I realize this isn't simple for most but it's toned down enough for me lol. I'm also weaing the Revlon double wink lashes.. which I looove!!

Flamenco Red
Wet N Wild Red Velvet 910D: I used this beautiful bright, bold red lipstick. I think it compliments the eyes well & I love the way it looks together!

Red Rose Nails
LA Colors Black polish • Wet N Wild Jezebel • Sinful Colors Simple But Fun: I tried to do a rose design but it just ended up looking a mess! I don't like this manicure at all. I was going for the simple black & red floral design you see everywhere but my version just came out so messy lol. I;m totally losing my nail art creativity.

This was short & sweet & very late lol. So I'm going to schedule this a day back. So people might not even get to see this one. But it's okay, I just wanted to get it posted already! Thanks for stopping by if you do get to see this post! <3 xoxo


SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Very pretty love the nails :)

Unknown said...

Finallly your done!!! Love the new layout chica boo.. Sooo pretty & pink!!! <3. Love this post! Beautiful makeup as always!!!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Thank you kayla <3

Lol Nessa I knowww! & Thanks boo. <33

Monica said...

love the nails and great look.


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