Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012- Army Girl ♡

[Just getting around to this post lol Shhhh!]  Halloween has come & gone but I never got the chance to post what I actually wore that day. We didn't do anything super exciting. I gave out candy with my two amorsotes. Muneka was in the Halloween spirit too! I wanted to dress her as a pumpkin but I only saw a pumpkin at Petco's & the darn thing was like $20+ Ain't nobody got time fo that! I got her a cute sweater at Walmart for $7 instead! She wasn't too fond of it when she first wore it. (See pics below lol) But on Halloween, she didn't even care cause she was on cloud 9! I had her on the porch with us & people were gushing over her & petting her. She loooooves people & she looves to be the center of attention! So she had a blast out there.
Omg she hated me so much the first day lol. She didn't even want to get up. I had to take it off her, she looked so miserable.

Coastal Scents Warm Palette • Solone Glitter Liner: As far as eyeshadow goes, it's super simple! I just put a light brown in the crease & dragged a darker brown on the lower lash line. & Also deepened the outer v with it. I used all matte colors. But as you can see, it's nothing really special at all. The fun part was a thin line of glitter liner. I've used this liner all over the lid in this post & I'm so inlove with it! This silver liner is from & you can find all the info on it  here. I've been really enjoying glitter liners, as of late. Nessa sent me some really gorgeous glitter liners recently that I've been loving! I'll be posting those pretty soon also. It gives boring makeup some.. as the great penguin Memphis would say.. umph!

Wet N Wild 915B Spiked With Rum: I'm working backwards here lol but I'm pretty sure the this is the lipstick I used for Halloween. It's my mom's favorite shade on me.. because it's her shade. lol She always uses colors like this. Anyway, I honestly don't think it's all that flattering on me. I actually think it ages me a bit. But it really is a pretty color, generally speaking. I wear it from time to time because it's such an awesome color.. whether it suits me or not lol.

There's a new Sgt. Padilla in town. Yayy lol. My "costume" came super easy. I was looking at costumes online & I saw an army girl & was like "Heyyyy! I wanna be that!" My bf immediately offered me some of his army stuff! I did feel kind of guilty wearing the helmet for Halloween. I almost felt like I was desecrating pieces of history. But he said it wasn't a big deal. Although, I know it really is lol. I handled everything with super extra care. Omgosh I thought his helmet would fit me loose lol but it just barely fit my big ole head. The coolest thing I got to wear was his last name patch thing. ♡ I also wore his dogtags (which I wear alot anyway lol). It was so cool & he's such a sweetheart to let me dress up as him haha.

LA Colors Black • Wet N Wild Fergie Kaleidoscope Eyes: I had done this mani just for Halloween. It's just an all black nail with some sparkle on the beginning. I must say, this Fergie polish was a pain to build up. It doesn't give off a lot of glitter so I had to pick up the glitter & manually put it on my nail with a dotting tool. It sucked lol plush the results weren't what I thought they'd be. I didn't really like them too much.

Omg I thought these were so cute lol I made my bf like a Halloween goody bag for funsies. & I stuffed it with a bunch of these candy covers lol. These are the four types of covers I made. I got the idea from Pinterest lol. I put a bunch of his favorite candies in there & I also made him some m&m brownies. Luckily he loves my kindergarten-like crafts lmao. ♡

If this shows up in your feed, please ignore it haha. I just didn't want to go on without posting it.


GorJess23 said...

too cute!!! Love the look and your baby is soooooo cute!!! You make me want CLAW nails!! Oh so bad!!

Heart you!!


Jessica said...

oh wowo i love ur red hair!!


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